Children enjoy the dress up and candy

Published 10:03pm Thursday, November 1, 2012

Spiderman spun his web, witches flew on their brooms and Cleopatra dressed up in her finest Egyptian garb Wednesday night as the Times-Journal hosted its first ever Halloween trick-or-treat party.

More than 400 area children had the opportunity to have their portrait made in their Halloween costume and receive a bag full of candy, which included a toothbrush to combat an excess intake of sugar.

Seven-year-old Colton Baggerly, who dressed up as Frankenstein, said his favorite part about Halloween is “celebrating cavities.”

And, when asked what scares him the most, Baggerly said “ghosts and monsters don’t really scare me, unless maybe if they pop up behind me.”

After receiving her Halloween candy, Alisyn McKinley, 4th grader at Meadowview Elementary, said her favorite part about Halloween is “getting to dress up and eat lots of candy.”

McKinley said she wanted to be something original for Halloween this year and decided to dress up as a Caribbean pirate.

“The only costumes that really scare me on Halloween,” McKinley said, “are people that wear masks, because most of the time they’re scary and you can’t see their faces.”

After yelling “trick or treat” and opening their goodie bag to receive a handful of candy, most children walked out of the Times-Journal newsroom wearing a big smile with their costume.

We thank everyone who participated in the Halloween party. It was a great success.

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