Nearly 300 runners took part in the third annual Run For Kenya organized by Integrity Worldwide held Saturday at Bloch Park. The event featured a 5K run and a one-mile fun run and walk. Proceeds from the event support Integrity Worldwide’s efforts in Meto, Kenya. -- Andrew Swindle

Hundreds turn out for Integrity Worldwide’s 5K

Published 11:14pm Saturday, October 13, 2012

Even though they only ran a little more than three miles, those who participated in the third annual Integrity Worldwide Run for Kenya ran for a cause more than 8,000 miles away.

Integrity Worldwide, an international non-profit Christian ministry dedicating to serving those in need, had nearly 300 runners come out Saturday for their annual run, which sponsors a village in Meto, Kenya.

Dozier Atwell was the first male to finish the race with a time of 17 minutes and 48 seconds while Caryn Gardner was the first female to finish in 24 minutes and 21 seconds.

Alan Hicks Jr., executive director for Integrity Worldwide, said he was blown away by how many people came out to support the cause.

“We raised enough funds to give 50 small business loans [in Kenya],” Hicks said. “And those are gifts that keep giving because they’ll pay it back and then we loan it out again, so that means years of growing businesses.”

Another portion of the monies raised will give young Kenyans the opportunity to receive higher education for a full year Hicks said, room and board included.

Ed McCurdy, a first time runner in the race, said he had a great time and looks forward to participating again next year.

“My daughter Sarah Peyton trained me this week and we probably ran a couple of miles during the week,” he said. “We came out for a very worthy cause and we had a lot of fun doing it.”

McCurdy has also been to Kenya, so he said this cause was especially important to him.

“It’s a neat little town and you really have to go there to understand it, it’s amazing,” McCurdy said. With a smile he added, his favorite part of the race was “crossing the finish line and then treating myself to a cookie.”

Along with the 5K, a one-mile Fun Run was also held, which Hicks said had a great turnout.

Hicks added that he was grateful for everyone who came out to run and he hopes to have more people participate in Integrity Worldwide mission trips and witness the work being done in Kenya.

“If I could get everyone here to see what’s going on, they would understand why this is so important and why events like the run matter,” Hicks said. “This one event will change the future for that whole village—just one event.”

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