Debate proved much about president

Published 10:59pm Saturday, October 13, 2012

By Byrd Looper


Dear Mr. President:

The first debate turned out to be an embarrassing debacle for you. Apparently, you were totally unprepared to play hardball with Romney. Romney can win again in the next debate if he is super-prepared as he was for the first one. After the debate, you have labeled Mr. Romney as a liar, a very classless act by the White House.

Hopefully, the next time around, Romney will present you with your many broken promises made as you campaigned for election in 2007-2008. Perhaps your biggest early proclamation was that you would cut the federal deficit in half in fiscal 2009 from $1.4 trillion. The deficit has increased under your watch.

Next, you vowed to fix the economy within three years. Fourteen months later, you stated that if you missed the three-year deadline, your presidency would be a “one-term proposition.” Even though the jobless report for September showed an under 8 percent number — a suspicious drop — we still have a very weak economy. One term sounds good.

Per Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal’s assessment, your attempt to fix the economy has failed. I totally agree. Your first promise was to close Guantanamo Bay on your first day in office. Thankfully, you realized that it would be foolish to do close Gitmo.

The bad news is that a number of the terrorist detainees you have released have rejoined terrorist groups and are our active enemies once again, killing our military personnel in Afghanistan conflicts. Why in the world would you think that it was necessary to release our sworn terrorist enemies who only want a chance to kill Americans?

The price of gasoline has jumped 30 cents per gallon in California on Oct 3 and now is more than $5.50 per gallon in that state.

Your refusal to approve the Canada to Texas pipeline is just another example of you ignoring the American resources that are available in several ways: oil, coal and natural gas.

Finally, our national security in the Middle East is in a shambles. Using Egypt, Libya, Syria and Iran as prime examples.

The murder of our Libyan ambassador by suspected terrorists, along with three other American agents, two of whom were former Navy Seals, appears to be a lack of appropriate security. Again, your ultimate responsibility, Mr. President, is national security.

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