After serving as the tourism director for Selma and Dallas County for four years, Candace Johnson announced Tuesday that she will be taking a job in Tuscaloosa as a project manager for the University Center of Economic Development. -- Sarah Cook

Johnson announces departure from Selma tourism

Published 7:09pm Wednesday, October 3, 2012

After serving as the tourism director for the Selma-Dallas County Centre for Commerce for four years, Candace Johnson is making the move to Tuscaloosa to serve as Project Manager at University Center for Economic Development.

Although she said she’s excited about this career move, a part of her is sad to leave her hometown.

“I was born and raised in Selma,” Johnson said, who attended Meadowview Christian School and then Wallace Community College.

Her love of tourism and enhancing economic development in communities are what Johnson said led her on this career path.

“I’m always interested in learning new skills and meeting new people and making new relationships because I believe that is what makes Alabama unique,” Johnson said.

The Centre of Commerce was notified of Johnson’s decision Tuesday, and there has not been a new tourism director chosen to replace her yet.

Johnson added that she hopes by accepting this job, she can continue to benefit Selma and Dallas County.

“I am sad but I also realize that in accepting this new position I can maybe get Selma and Dallas County out there in front of other faces and make new connections,” she said. “Who better to bring other potential industry here and economic development here than someone who knows the area.”

Her new job will entail providing strategies for enhancing economically distressed areas in the state along with promoting programs that will better Alabama communities.

Johnson said she found out about this position through her current job.

“I had just worked with them on several different things and also with South West Tourism with a lot of regional Black Belt projects,” Johnson said. “So once this opportunity came up it was just too good to pass up and it will still let me work in Dallas County working with tourism and other consulting type things.”

She added that although she couldn’t be more thrilled to begin this new chapter in her life, she will always cherish the time she spent growing up and working in Selma.

“Selma’s my home and it will always be my home,” Johnson said. “I’m excited about the position and I appreciate all the relationships that I’ve made here and I hope to bring good things back to Selma.”



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