The Southside Panthers couldn't stop the W.S. Neal Eagles on Friday, as they fell 54-6. -- The Brewton Standard

Southside falls in region game at W.S. Neal

Published 1:43am Saturday, September 22, 2012

By Lisa Tindell

The Brewton Standard


BREWTON — In a game that was dominated by W.S. Neal, the Eagles didn’t allow the Southside Panthers to put any points on the board until the fourth quarter, as they won 54-6.

W.S. Neal Head Coach Doug Hoehn said the team proved themselves on the field with a hard-played game.

“Our kids played well tonight,” Hoen said. “This is the second week in a row for us. We’ve got a lot of young kids starting for us and they played better this week than last week.”

The scores on the board would support Hoehn’s assessment of the game. The Eagles put six points on the board in the opening minutes of the first quarter with a 38 yard touchdown by Marquese Banks. A fumbled snap foiled the two-point attempt.

The Eagles would score early in the second quarter on a blocked punt by Michel Williams.

Bringing in a halftime lead of 14-0, the Eagles were on a mission

to beat the Southside Selma Panthers.

After the half, the Eagles put more points on the board just seconds into the third quarter. Trevor Burns scored six points on a 28 yard run with  Josiah Nettles scoring a 2-point conversion.

Another score would make it on the board for the Eagles when Nettles scored a touch down of his on with a two yard run. Quenton Samuel made the 2-point conversion run to bring the Eagles to a 38-0 lead.

Just six seconds into the fourth quarter, Banks made an eight yard run for a touchdown with Nettles adding two points in the conversion run bringing the Eagles up to a 46-0 lead.

Southside made their only successful run for the goal line just seconds behind Neal’s first fourth-quarter score.

A 22 yard run put a Southside Selma Panther across the goal line to put the only points on the board for the team.

The Eagles quickly answered the Panther’s score with another run of their own to add more points to the board.

Zach Haveard made a two-yard run to cross the goal line with Christian Purvis helping up the score with two-points on a conversion.

Panthers Head Coach Daniel Flowers said his team worked hard in the game, but had to gain more than runs and stats to win games.

“We’re a young team and it was close at the ed of the half,” Flowers

said. “It was 14-0 and that’s close. The score on the board doesn’t show the work we’ve done. We have to work on building heart with this team. We’re going to keep working on it and what you saw tonight will be fixed.”

It’s never over and we’ll be alright. We’ve just got to work on hear.”

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