City could be looking for new garbage system

Published 7:12pm Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A scheduled work session by the Selma City Council could lay out details about a proposed plan that would have a private vendor take over garbage collection within the city of Selma.

During Tuesday’s council meeting, Selma Mayor George Evans asked council president Cecil Williamson to call a work session where the idea and details could be discussed and ironed out.

The Times-Journal, in previous discussions with Evans, has learned any plan would ensure that all city employees currently handling garbage collection would be kept by the city and that the suggested vendor has agreed to purchase all of the city’s garbage equipment.

Evans also said the company would take over the collection of garbage fees from citizens.

Evans has said the city estimates it loses an estimated $300,000 in operating the garbage system itself.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Evans said he hoped to have a plan in place by January, leading off with public meetings, taking the plan to the citizens before any switch over takes place.

Information on when a work session to discuss the proposed garbage plan has not been announced.

  • e1948eab74

    Who owns the Water Company Pop? Is it private owned?
    Are there stockholders?

    Does Perkins , Leashore etc. own it?

    They collected the Water and garbage for many years with no problems and I am sure something could be done to return ownership or whatever is needed to the City. Most things can be reversed . You also seem to be a Sore Loser as far as Mayor Evans is concerned ,but, at least 54% of the voters aren’t. Thank God!

    • popdukes12

      The Selma Water and Sewer Board is what’s called a quasi-governmental agency. Basically it is it’s own Corporation. It has it’s own board and the city appoints board members. The city is not responsible for it or to it. Usually the Mayor makes himself the chairman of the board and receives a separate pay day for it. this could possibly be one good reason for them wanting to keep it separate.
      As to the “sore loser” comment, please read my last post again. I’ve never been real happy with Evan’s financial budgeting and spending. Winning only by 578 votes out of 7,700 and not carrying a single box in 5 of the 8 city wards should hardly be considered a mandate from the public. Evans only carried Wards 1,2,3 and the absentee box (7 of 17 boxes total). So,If Evans doing the work for the entire city, 5/8(by wards) of the city didn’t get the message. I didn’t support anyone in the Mayor’s race. pops

      • popdukes12

        Oh, and I don’t ever remember the garbage being on the water bill. Back door pick up (twice a week) was a free service of the city until the ’90′s. I don’t remember the exact year. pops.

  • e1948eab74

    It should be changed as before and put under Water Dept and the Deadbeats should be pushed to pay or let them clean the Streets. It should not be privatized. The money overpaid by Water Dept to Perkins and his cronies should also be pushed to the max for collection. I know several people that owed $900 to $1200 in garbage fees and the City was fool enough to keep sending them a bill every month for 10-12 years and never collected anything . Two of them died and one is still here,but, not paying. Hard to believe,but, true.

    • popdukes12

      The Water Company is a separate Company and not controlled by the city. Why would the water company want to do that? pops

  • nancybennett

    If a citizen didn’t pay for garbage pick up and the private company refused to pick up the garbage, wouldn’t the City still be responsible for picking up the garbage of that person because the City is ultimately responsible for the health of the citizens?

    If all current employees within the sanitation department will still be employed by the City, what will they be doing if we do not have City garbage pick-up? Will they be picking up trash rather than garbage and will we have to pay for trash separately from garbage?

    Currently, if a citizens is on Social Security, they can request a waiver from the city and receive pick-up at no cost. Is this waiver of fees going to be allowed under a private contractor and if so, are those of us who pay the fee going to be paying for those who don’t pay.

    And of course, the main question is what will happen to all the $$ that has not been collected from people that have refused to pay. Will that $$ then become a moot point and just wiped off the books? Is that fair to all of us that have played by the rules and paid for our garbage pickup?

    • popdukes12

      @ Nancy, all good questions. A commercial company would not accommodate the habits of some residents that just pile stuff by the street. The city would still have to pick that up.
      Think about this; If the city disposes of the major portion of this city function without reducing sales tax, lodging tax, license fees, or property tax, this will be a wind fall for the city. With the stagnant revenue stream that the city has had for the last three years, and the increases the city has seen in insurance/health benefits for the employees, increased debt service, and development expectations for downtown, the mayor has to do something.
      The last couple of years have seen $100k+ sewer/street collapses that are never reflected in the budget. Remember that you pay sewage fees to the water company, but the city owns the sewer pipes and is responsible for their maintenance. This was done to keep water bills low, for political reasons.
      Bottom line is: This is a CYA action on the part of Evans. He may have to contract out the fire and police before the city financial problems are over. pops

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