Today’s campaigns are too shallow

Published 9:46pm Friday, August 24, 2012

We are all to blame for the state of the political discourse in our country. It seems we have lost the ability to engage in positive and meaningful debate.

This is not just an issue on the national political level, but even here at home.

We have far too many candidates and elected officials who are simply unable to take criticism and move on without taking such personally.

We have far too many who criticize who are unable to do so constructively and not take cheap shots against those they are criticizing.

Many of today’s campaigns have been run on why the other candidate doesn’t deserve the job rather than why their candidate deserves the job.

In short, today’s campaigns — locally included — have become shallow and lazy. And for that, criticism is well deserved.

Listen to most of the local radio commercials tied to political campaigns.

Rather than talk about the positive things they hope to accomplish in office, the candidate far too often results to negative remarks, grandstanding and vague references.

Little substance is ever included in these advertisements and for that, they should be disregarded.

At the local level, we are fortunate to have the luxury of interacting with candidates one on one, or viewing them at work during council and school board meetings. We have the chance to shake hands, ask questions and engage them in conversation at community functions or even after Sunday service.

Rarely is opportunity given to voters who seek the same from statewide or national candidates.

We have long stood by the belief that a local election — a municipal election — like the one we will see Tuesday, has more impact on our day-to-day lives then the one set for November.

It is important that voters dig through the “stuff” most of these campaigns have dropped on the community and focus on the issues. Look instead at what your candidate can do for the community.

A candidate who is worth your vote is one who has ideas, who has plans and who has a vision for your community rather than one who simply says, “whatever my opponent is for or has done, I am against.”

As we’ve said, that is far too lazy and shallow to deserve your valuable vote.

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