Screenco owner Debby Gresham, right, shows a school uniform shirt to customer Monica Rose on Saturday. Screenco is one of many stores around the state participating in Alabama’s seventh annual tax-free weekend. -- Robert Hudson

Shoppers enjoy tax holiday

Published 10:24pm Saturday, August 4, 2012

As the clock struck midnight on Saturday, the opportunity came for parents to save big on crucial goods they need for their children as they prepare to head back to school.

The statewide tax-free weekend began on Saturday morning.

The seventh annual weekend event is held once a year and gives parents a chance to save money, as clothing, school supplies, computers and other school-related items can be purchased tax free until Monday to help students get ready for their return to school.

Screenco manager Jeffrey Nichols said parents came out in numbers on the first day of the weekend in order to save money on school goods such as uniforms, jackets, backpacks and lunch boxes.

“Once a year, the state does a tax-free weekend and you can really tell people are taking advantage of it this year,” Nichols said. “We’ve sold uniforms and other back-to-school items. I’d say the savings they’ve gotten are in the hundreds of dollars.”

Monica Rose, who was out shopping for school uniforms for her daughters, said she always makes sure to get out and enjoy the savings on every tax-free weekend.

“I enjoy tax-free weekend because you save more, and I always come to Screenco every year,” Rose said. “They have sales and specials.”

Angela Snell, another local parent who was out for the tax-free weekend, said it’s a huge benefit that has enabled her to save money on school uniforms, supplies and shoes.

“I think it’s a good benefit,” Snell said. “It’s great. It helps you save money, which is good especially when you’re a single parent.”

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