Fraternity forum helped show truth

Published 10:44pm Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In this election season we hope to report accurately on the platforms of the candidates. Many of the local candidates have very clear views on issues, but they seldom get a chance to clarify exactly what they mean.

On Monday the Delta Pi Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. hosted a Meet the Candidate Forum for those running in Selma City School Board race. It allowed the new candidates to introduce themselves and it let those currently serving on the board explain the decisions they have made and do some “myth-busting” on common issues.

One myth busted was the idea that the state recommended to the board that schools, such as Byrd Elementary, should be closed. Current board members were able to explain this was not the case.

But this opportunity for the public to learn about who they are voting for, would not have been possible without the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha.

The forum they hosted gave everyone a voice and was fair to those running. Because of how they organized the event, it ran smoothly with professionalism, giving everyone their due respect.

What we loved most about the forum was how the fraternity did not stray from asking the tough, dividing questions that really matter. We commend the candidates for answering them honestly too.

Events like this remind us, that even though we are divided politically, everyone is still working for the same goal — to better our community.

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