Faith and love should guide public policy

Published 10:45pm Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A friend at work called me a politician after reading my article about “defining the word politician.” He said, “I did not know that you were a politician until I read your last article. I read all your articles.” I responded by telling him I’m a good politician.

My definition of a good politician is one that is a public policy influencing official who loves people and fears God. Lately, I realize that the good politicians are finding ways to utterly embrace ‘managing diversity’ over ‘traditional management.’

Traditional management is defined as the effective and efficient utilization of community’s resources in pursuit of community’s goals and objectives. Managing diversity on the other hand, is defined as a total effective management process for creating a community that will ensure everybody in the community or organization has a chance of becoming productive.

One of the greatest gifts given to us by God is the power to choose. You’ve been informed you can go with this or you can go with that; but go with meaningful life or select whomever who is beneficial to you, family/descendants and community. We have the power to choose good politicians who respect and value differences. The sky is the limit for any community or organization that is focused on utilizing the gifts, anointing and talents of all of its members.

Selmatha is a prince of a land, who loves to throw expensive parties just for his circle. Udoka, who owns the only wine industry of the land, and supplies palm wine for the party, never gets invited for class and political reasons.

The party draws dignitaries but they go home disgruntled because of the shortage and mediocre category of palm wine, usually provided at the party.

In the second party of 2011, Selmatha’s wife convinced her husband to swallow pride and invite Udoka. He did and a fantastic party was unleashed. Instead of supplying regular wine, Udoka supplied premium wine in large quantity and at affordable prices.

The party was so superb that the news went beyond their land and the richest investor of a neighboring land, whom Selmatta has been trying to lure, called a month in advance indicating he will come to the third party of 2011.

He did and was so impressed that an investment deal was struck. What is my point here? You may have been overlooking your gold mine for political or other reasons.

When we genuinely respect and love people and get them involved, they are likely to bring their best to the project, community or organization. They will desist from working against you and in the end, reliable development will be obvious. Growth does not manifest when unity is isolated.

I will continue to support an open door policy in our school system. I expect all in the community who are interested in unity and growth to become involved.

Forgive me if I sound cynical or like someone trying to woo votes, but the truth is that God has established my seat on the school board and this piece is not about votes. It is about growth, hope and true love. It is not about gratuitous or superfluous preferential treatment, it is about recognizing and accepting what God is doing, and is about to do for everybody in our community.

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