Positive thoughts go a long way to positive results

Published 7:10pm Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Encouraging words, if well received and responded to accordingly, are like seeds planted in a good soil for which germination is inevitable. I still recollect almost 15 years ago when my pastor, Rev. Dr. Williams would announce to members to leave their seat, go to a person of your choice, point directly to the person, and sing, “I see you in the future and you look much better than you look right now.”

It was my observation then that when we do that, we usually beamed, grinned or laughed; an indication that good wishes or prophecy of hope induces happiness. By the way, those prophecies worked because the church itself grew, members I know grew spiritually and in other dimensions to become law and policy makers, authors, recording artists, educators, lawyers, computer specialists, law enforcement officers, directors, business owners, bank officials, managers, nurses, doctors, good workers, good parents, good friends, ministers, good children and generally good people.

Because I know it works, I carried that same audacity to the Selma City School Board when I was appointed. I saw a school system that looked much better than it looked then. No wonder, when the opportunity came for a new school, I supported it with all that I could support it with. When I became elected, I transferred the same energy to the elected board and the outcome is nothing but consequential — a building that nurtures effective learning.

The truth of the matter is that what we believe and constantly say is important in bringing our dreams to completion. It is not a psychological or philosophical theory but a spiritual principle that encourages us to keep speaking out the good things that we want to see come to fruition. The same principle discourages us from saying things like, “there’s no hope for Selma,” “our school system will never become the envy of the Black Belt,” “I’ll never become married here,” “there is no future for me in this place,” or “I will never become this or that.” The truth is that these are nothing but words of defeat and they can keep you down.

Human minds are just like an umbrella which cannot become effective until it is opened. Once our mind is open to the brighter days ahead, then we’ll begin to work towards getting or giving education, getting or giving jobs and walking in love always.

Uttering your wish for growth may not be adequate until we all move from problem identifiers to solution identifiers; move from I’ll make things difficult for them to I’ll be a blessing to them; move from they don’t smile a lot to they have a good heart; move to support Selma’s businesses and move from voting alongside cronies to voting for goodness.

The truth is there is no progress in enmity or bad wishes. I’m glad this is not a liberal or conservative theory; it is a universal growth oriented route without political inclination and it is pure. For all my readers, I must tell you this — I see you in the future and you look much better than you look right now.


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