Staff of Warren Manor, a local senior care center, were awarded a check for $40,000 to recognize their outstanding service for the year. It was the sixth time in as many years that the center has won a Blue Ribbon Award. -- Taylor Holland

Warren Manor earns Blue Ribbon Award for sixth consecutive year

Published 9:22pm Monday, June 18, 2012

Blue ribbon awards this June might be seen on large watermelons and apple pies and maybe even on a nursing home. Warren Manor, a local senior care center, was awarded the Blue Ribbon Award for outstanding service for the sixth year in a row and the facility celebrated the good news with a reception on Friday.

Warren Manor belongs to Sava Senior Care, one of the largest healthcare services in the U.S., and each year for the last six years they have given back to the employees that give the most through the Blue Ribbon Award.

“What they do is they give out cash prizes,” said Interim Administrator for Warren Manor Quintella Crawford. “We came in first place and we got $40,000 and we will spread that check out evenly amongst all the employees for keeping the building clean for taking care of the residents.”

Administrator Bernard Turk explained the atmosphere on Friday as joyous and a great time for the Warren Manor employees to celebrate.

Sava Senior Care began the Blue Ribbon Award in 2006 and since its implementation Warren Manor has won the award every year.

“That says something about Mr. Turk’s leadership and something about the team,” Crawford said.

Turk said Warren Manor is one of only a handful of facilities that have won the award this consecutive amount of years out of the 184 facilities.

“Today this is just a day to celebrate what we do every day, this is not a onetime thing or something we do once a year this is what we do 365,” Turk said.

The facility says they are already gearing up and preparing for battle for the award judging process for next year and the bar is raised high after their sixth win in a row. Each year the process consists of visits by regional clinical employees that judge using a scorecard for categories like customer service, cleanliness, clinical care, respect, safe environment and more. Turk said each year Sava Senior Care throws in more things to work for and the process becomes more and more of a challenge.

“I’m very proud of our team here,” Crawford said. “You are only as good as your team… I don’t think I could have been blessed with a better group of employees to work with.”

The administrative team of Turk and Crawford both spoke about their employees going above and beyond their daily duties and attribute to this win to them and the great residents at Warren Manor.

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