If God is for you, no one is against you

Published 10:42pm Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I will continue to support the provision of favorable learning and working environment in our system. Staff, as well as students, need a conducive environment for productivity. Students’ unconducive conditions can lead to absenteeism; and if not addressed properly, may result in dropping out of school. Similarly, workers’ unfavorable working conditions can lead to high personnel turnover rate, as good employees may become difficult to retain.

Students, whose parents leave for work early and come home late, may need support from the responsible adults at school by way of encouragement and advice. Raising children is a community’s responsibility; help now or pay the in future when crime abounds.

When you truly become a mentor to a student, you are actually enriching your life because you are giving. It is startling and sad to note that some of the students that drop usually make remarks like these, “That school doesn’t have anything for me “or “Nobody misses me over there.”

Consequently, when students leave school prematurely, some do it as a result of feeling alienated from others and are not connected to the real school experience. We cannot allow this to happen to people that we have been assigned to help. We need an atmosphere where every student will gain from an enviable sustained relationship with the staff.

As for all of us, it is always beneficial to obey meaningful orders and follow policies as much as possible. We will not support or tolerate any animosity about fellow team members that will overshadow their brilliance and other capabilities that are more important to the growth of our school system.

For effectiveness, it is proper for all in the team to know their roles and respect each other. The Board and the Superintendent must collaborate effectively; not micromanaging any office, but refuse to go along with recommendations that are detrimental to the purpose of the school system. As a Board member, I have worked with four Superintendents, 13 Board Members in public school, six Board members in a private school and two private school directors; and it is my observation that the effective people of the above listed are those driven by the school district’s goals and not by politics. While it is important to consider the views of those who put you in the office, it is easy to be bent only on appeasing the people that voted them into the office, even when their intentions are wrong, instead of focusing on what’s right.

If your position is God-sanctioned, man can only do to you what He allows them to do. If you serve to the best of your ability in respect and not afraid of what man can do, your light and positive impact will be noticeable even if you serve in the new position for just a couple of weeks; for if God is for you, nobody can be against you; and remember, nobody, nor force, can quench a light that is switched on by God.

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