Davis applauded for party switch

Published 10:06pm Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dear editor,

Alabama’s loss is Virginia’s gain. I congratulate Mr. Davis and wish him the best. A nonpartisan champion for all people is rare indeed. Hopefully, he will inspire others to have the same great bravery to stand up for what he believes. Alabama has lost a great statesman due to the convoluted politics of the poverty pimps who have made a profession out of keeping people down to profit themselves. With courageous leaders like Artur Davis hope and change are more than a campaign slogan.

I for one am keeping hope alive.

His move to the Republican Party will hopefully inspire other African Americans of like mind and politics to speak out so that together we can take control of an economy that is quickly declining. In Alabama’s Black Belt where Mr. Davis served there is some entertaining politics. It is unfortunate that some line their pockets at the expense of others while professing that they are “doing it for the children.” They are in the State House to the School Board. It is the same minions who protest for a corrupt Selma School Superintendent that did nothing during his tenure but wave at cars and get fired for unauthorized spending. As an Alabamian it is embarrassing that Davis (one of our own best and brightest) was forced out after a “love campaign” once party politics got into full swing.

Perhaps they should have listened to Mr. Davis when he voted against health care reform… turns out he was right! There is no free healthcare and now it seems the bill is most likely unconstitutional. Conservative, intellectual and well-educated people like Mr. Davis should be lauded as champions. He was exactly what Alabama needed; but, rather than being lifted as a shining example of the American Dream, party leaders and black religious leaders turned against him.

Now the Republicans are in power in Alabama and will be for decades to come. It seems that the vast majority of Alabama is far different than the Black Belt Kingdom that is quickly crumbling now that the elected past power brokers are out of control on goat hill. Perhaps it is time we take the lead of Mr. Davis and work with the party of power rather than calling them names as our current representatives do.

We must bring back American Exceptionalism and be a shining example of democracy and a free market economy. The time for international apologies and excessively taxing success is over. The socialist governments of Europe are all failing and communism is dead. It is now time for the makers to stand up and put the takers to work; it is how our great country was built and the only way for it to survive.

Thank you for your continued courage Mr. Davis; you are one of my heroes. Come home soon.


Holland Powell


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