Advice for all our high school grads

Published 10:43pm Tuesday, May 29, 2012

As a school board member, I have always looked forward to my favorite day and most desired function. For 2012, this day brightly unveiled itself on May 24, with no rain, quite unlike last year when happy celebrants were dancing and jumping in the rain. None of us wanted a repeat of last year. Regardless of the favorable weather forecast for May 24, the president of the school board came with his umbrella, and none of us could convince him to leave it in the vehicle.

This cherished activity is fulfilled by joining the president, fellow board members and school officials in handing out high school diplomas to the graduates. The certainty is that when God blesses you with a position, such position is a gift from God and what good you do in that position is your gift back to God. Just watching the graduates smile, laugh and shout undoubtedly assured me that our team, which is comprised of all in our community, has given back to God.

It is sort of hard for me to explain the degree of satisfaction that I derive from participating in this event; shaking successful hands, watching happy people and observing dance moves that deserve to be seen rather than imagined. It’s been astonishingly fulfilling each year to watch proud parents, friends and relatives of graduates yell in utter satisfaction.

While it may be impossible for me to match the advice given by the valedictorian, still I can add these pieces based on my experience. Do not let the pursuit of any goal drift you away from God because you need meaningful success. I have always defined success as when God, my people and myself are happy for what I’m doing; particularly, doing it when and where God wants it done. You will need God to help you go through college or career challenges. Continue to be humble and respect people generally. Do not position yourself as too smart to listen or take advice. Embrace friends sent by God for they will love you and help you become a better person. Contrarily, be bold to avoid those sent by devil to indulge you in bad activities that hamper growth. Love yourself; Know ye also that nothing good comes easy.

Pursue peace and harmony. Remember, peace is not the absence of disagreement but it is the presence of love and respect for God and people. The truth is that your life will be fulfilling when you see less of ugly and focus more on the good around you. Jesus as a matter of certainty affirmed that peace makers are blessed people who are called children of God.

Furthermore, never become satisfied with other people’s improper definition of you. In an effort to keep improving your life, some people may call you insatiable, Jack-of-all-trades, wanna be or greedy. Contrarily, you should call yourself ambitious, motivated and strengthened by Christ. Take care of yourself and call yourself what God calls us. He calls us fine-looking, capable and dexterous.


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