Drug Court sees 11 more graduate

Published 4:53pm Monday, May 28, 2012

One-by-one graduates, from the Dallas County Drug Court Program stepped forward to give their testimony. Some talked about their ups and downs with drugs but all spoke about their success with the Drug Court program at the graduation ceremony. Eleven graduates can now say they have beaten their addiction to drugs.

Thursday District Judge Bob Armstrong awarded the graduates in the courtroom, telling each how proud he was.

Armstrong said the testimonies given by the graduates only scratched the surface of their recovery stories.

“These aren’t even all of the stories,” Armstrong said. “There is so much more. We hear so many incredible things in the courtroom that are happening in their lives.”

The Dallas County Drug Court’s mission is to improve the quality of life in the community by reducing crime. Armstrong’s view is that once drug court attendees stop their drug usage they can become productive and positive citizens.

“Drug courts work, they really do- they’re not perfect- but they work,” Armstrong said.

Miah Jackson works with the students of Drug Court and many of the graduates thanked her for her role in their success.

“Knowing the before and then seeing the after [in the students] is the most touching part,” Jackson said. “Everyone has a history but everyone has an opportunity.”

Jackson said sometimes we just give up on people too fast.

One Drug Court graduate found Jackson’s patience with her really paid off.

“It was a great process, it taught me how to take on responsibility and be a great parent,” graduate Hannah Hasberry said.

Hasberry gave an emotional testimony of the program and how it changed her life.

“I signed up for the program so I’m going to sign myself out,” Hasberry laughed during her testimony, reflecting back to when she dropped out of drug court for a while to continue her drug usage.

With “tears and prayer,” she said she finally came back and was held accountable by the program. Hasberry got custody of her 15-year-old son after four years and this, she said, was the most powerful moment in the program. Hasberry now works for the Drug Court doing lab work.

  • Dixie

    This is such a wonderful program that works. Thanks to Judge Armstrong for carng enough to bring this program into our community. Congrats to all the graduates.

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