Like Rome, Selma can become great

Published 10:16pm Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I have been to Rome, Italy before, but these past two weeks, I made frantic effort to ascertain why thousands of people enthusiastically visit the historical city from all over the world. I asked lots of questions, participated in some events and in the process, I discovered that Selma has some similarities with Rome or potentials that could be maximized for greatness.

The similarities include richnesses in history, spirituality and hospitality, and also sumptuousness in fashion. These factors draw massive numbers of people yearly from May to August, who go there to spend money as tourists. Accordingly, we shopped and visited restaurants, a fashion manufacturing industry and historical sites. Remarkably, when my wife and I went to tour the prison where Apostle Peter and Paul were imprisoned, we were blessed to go in with a group from Alabama.

I observed that when tourism is paid the deserved attention, it fetches large amounts of money through goods and services associated with tourism. Services such as transportation services, hospitality services, entertainment services, shopping, etc. Sales tax climbs too.

What else could help the expansion of a place more than having a strong spiritual foundation? A church teaches responsibilities toward God, one another and authorities, and how to practically turn away from wicked ways. If these large numbers of churches in Selma keep teaching these effectively and the evidences continue to be obvious, there is no doubt that heaven will keep responding and Selma will continue to expand accordingly.

Many people here are also gracious, particularly when politics takes backstage. I honestly do not believe that politics should affect God’s commandment relative to love and how people treat one another. When love and friendliness are not in existence, peace diminishes. When peace shrinks, tourism and all that it draws becomes hugely affected.

Also evident is the fact that people here are fashionable people. I see the interest and the looks of some people here and I’m sometimes flabbergasted that such looks are from small town people. The truth is that whether people visit Rome or Selma, they shop for fashions.

In view of all these, one can easily conclude that Selma can be greater. Many times people see less fortune from what God blessed them with. I’m confident that mightier are what we have than some distractions that are repugnant to growth and stability; and I’m persuaded that God is capable of helping us in the right direction.

There is something special about an entity that knows about Fred Fielder’s contingency approach to management which stipulates that the efficient management of resources should be based on situation at hand and available resources; it should not be based on speculations, manipulations, assumptions and politics. It is not about how much resources or talents; it is about the optimum utilization of available resources.

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