Balancing the budget is our only salvation

Published 9:46pm Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The present situation for Democrats in Alabama, after ruling the roost for a hundred and forty years, is amusing. They have flocked to the news media whining of foul play and even accusing Republicans of not acting Christian. The rhetoric coming from Democrats reminds you of Aesop’s fable of the young boy who was always crying wolf tricking the villagers to defend the flock when there was no wolf around. One day he cried wolf when there really was one and no one believed him resulting in the wolf destroying the flock. The moral of this story being those who cry wolf unnecessarily lose respect and believability even when telling the truth.

Revenues are down, times are difficult and difficult decisions must be made to continue government programs and services. Thank God, the state has to balance the budget. That is the only salvation taxpayers have had for the past one hundred and forty years of democratic rule. If it were otherwise, Alabama would have been like Greece long ago, and would be where the federal government is now heading toward bankruptcy.

State Democrats have taken the role of the loyal opposition writing op-eds of impending doomsday scenarios on finding ways to deal with the budgetary shortfalls. It seems to be a choice of purging the Medicaid roles of only the truly needy or indigent, or turning 18,000 prisoners out of prison before they complete their terms. Personally, I think some of both may be the solution. No doubt the Medicaid roles are stuffed as is every government program, and no doubt there are some non-violent prisoners who would be much better suited for work release or even release.

The evil Republicans have attempted to continue with their work of making the best of a difficult situation.  However, kicking the can down the road is not solving these budget bursting problems. Medicaid, prisons, education and the budgetary process itself are badly in need of revising, otherwise, some of these needs are going lacking whether it is popular or not, and I assure you it will not be when it is forced upon the state. We cannot continue to expand these programs without adequate funding, and there is no end to the needs in education and Medicaid as they now exist.

Four more years like the past four and illegal immigration and illegal gambling, two issues dear to Democrats, will work itself out. All the illegals will have gone back home for lack of jobs here and the gambling establishments will be closed for lack of Alabamians with jobs and money to lose.

And, we should vote this legislature a median income wage for part time inactivity? I think not.

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