Blame should be placed on those responsible

Published 12:09am Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dear editor,

Recently I read with keen interest a column contributed to James G. Smith in your newspaper titled, “Everyone can help Selma develop.” Mr. Smith calls for “a fresh coat of paint” on the community. He admits that Selma has many problems. He states that Mayor George Evans’ election provides a ray of hope for Selma. He calls for citizens to help the mayor get the community turned around. Then he list many “major concerns” of “most who live here and those looking to visit or start a business here.” Finally, he suggests an “old-fashion Holy Ghost revival” as a cure for the city’s problems.

There is something that really disturbs me about that article. There are many things Mr. Smith and others are so willing to ignore and so many things they are willing to blame. Let me give you a couple of examples.

While Mr. [James] Perkins was in the office of mayor, Mr. Evans was the president of the city council. During that 8-year period, the major complaints about the city’s dysfunctions was about fussing and fighting on the city council. Why is it that Mr. Smith is willing to ignore that it is the responsibility of the council president to keep order on the city council? Why ignore the fact that Mr. Perkins never served as city council president, but it was Mr. Evans who was president of the city council when all the so-called confusion took place. Face the fact the confusion on the city council ended when Mr. Evans was no longer leading the council.

Why ignore the fact that the city of Selma’s debt has increased from less than $10 million under Perkins to over $45 million under Evans? The city is almost bankrupt and Mr. Smith, who appears to be a sound and reasonable man, is willing to give Evans four more years to finish the job.

It is interesting that now Mayor Evans always points to the city council as being the decision maker on hot issues and that he is only a guest at city council meetings. Why blame Perkins for council mismanagement when Perkins was only a guest?

My concern is that Mr. Smith wants to blame Perkins for Evans’ faults and excuse Evans for his faults.


Johnnie Leashore,


  • D-man

    I see that someone wrote a letter and signed Johnny’s name to it so that it would appear he was a semi-educated man.

    Maybe he should run for president of the city council.

  • popdukes12

    The Mayor can only function using the funds provided by the council (or so it should be). I could tell the council was unaware of a $386,000 kickback from the pension warrent issue until the Mayor proposed using $69,000 of it to fund the theater. The Mayor also surprised the council when he announced that he had used $64,000 of $100,000 that was set aside for a proposal to improve the land around the Jeff Davis landfill (this was before the street name was changed) and was used to open a landfill cell that was not provided for in the 2011 budget. It is going to be very hard for any Council to continue trying to manage surprise out of the Mayor’s office due to unauthorized spending. I’m not even going to mention the cost to clean up the illegal landfill behind the sports complex. pops

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