State cannot afford proposed deep cuts

Published 11:05pm Thursday, May 10, 2012

Alabamians pay the least amount of state taxes in the country. If the state of Alabama paid what Mississippi paid in taxes, Alabama would have collected an additional $1.2 billion in state revenue. Come Oct. 1, 2012, we are facing a decrease in funding of state government services, which could cause total chaos. Remaining silent on this important issue is not leadership.

The General Fund, which funds the state agencies, can’t handle 20 percent of additional cuts. Gov. Bentley and the Legislature should be aware of what these cuts would do to their agencies. All Alabamians want the best and least costly state government possible. Furthermore, we can’t allow the progress of the last 15 years to be destroyed.

Politicians and leaders can’t be afraid to tell Alabamians that without some revenue relict, Alabama can’t compete, nor prosper in the future.

Until the next time, keep me on the good thoughts.

Roderick West,


  • popdukes12

    Roderick: Talking doesn’t put money in the checking account…”Remaining silent on this important issue is not leadership”…. If it did, I have an ex-wife that would be a millionaire. You are advocating some type of tax increase while not clarifing whether you are indicating a property tax increase or a sales tax increase. Your vagueness on this point is “telling”. Many of the state activities (costs) are tied directly to the affluency of the population. Alabama (along with many other states) do not spend more than they take in. States like California are $20 billion in debt for not having a law like this. If you had a 20% loss in income, would you go out and borrow money to maintain your current level of living or adjust your expenditures?….that was rhetorical as I know the answer. pops

  • mo-of-thesame

    It is blatantly obvious that Mr. West has no knowledge of how a business operates. Many businesses in the private sector have had to make reductions in work force and spending to survive in these turbulent times. It is impossible to have continued success by spending more than one takes in…. as is the case with our federal government and the European Counties that are now moving toward bankruptcy due to socialist agendas.
    So exactly who does he propose we glean this additional revenue from? How about the 48% of folks who pay nothing at all. Let’s charge them something for all the services they use….. That sure seems fair!
    Perhaps he and Mr. Melton can get together and find more ways to spend other people’s money.

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