Name should honor the life and legacy

Published 11:03pm Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The name of an entity can be utilized to promote commerce, to recognize achievement, to affirm spirituality, and to fortify history. CHAT Academy is in my district, consequently, my position, as their representative, is deserved to be well known. We had a town hall meeting on April 26 to discuss the renaming to R.B Hudson, and the meeting went extraordinarily well. It was amazingly peaceful and professional. Even though the meeting was well announced in the newspaper and radio, still no one opposed the renaming of the school.

As I listened carefully, all I heard was people speaking passionately about what the R.B Hudson means to them; that affected me immensely; particularly, hearing it from some of the people in the community that I respect. Before showing up, I had expected to hear some cons or disadvantages but none came up and that made it easier for a person like me who utilizes names to denote importance.

Personally, I believe in honoring greatness or showing appreciation through name. In appreciation for what my father did for others and myself, my wife and I named our first son after my dad. In remembrance of my older brother, who died as a captain fighting a civil war, we named my second son after him. In honor of what my mother did for others and myself, we named my oldest daughter after her and my niece. My second daughter is named after my sister and my wife’s sister. Apparently, my oldest daughter was paying attention, as she named her son after me and we named him Prince also. Similarly, I named our business, Amity, which is synonymous with peace, love, friendship, goodwill and harmony, for we need it in Selma and worldwide. I even named my dogs Udoka (peace is greatest) and Chichi (GodGod).

When I first moved to Selma and was looking for a church, a coworker advised me to go Tabernacle of Praise. My sincere hope was the church would live up to its name because I overly love to worship and praise. They certainly did. Soul Train could not compare with some praise moves I witnessed and for 15 years, we are still praising and worshipping God in spirit and truth.

As Christians, we attach so much importance to our God’s names. When we want favorable things to start happening, we just call JESUS. Sometimes we yell JESUS, depending on how spiritually we’re led. Our God promised to set us on high just for knowing his name.

Friends, from what I heard during that public meeting, Hudson was an educator, a business man, an area principal, a motivator, a mentor who taught his students to achieve peacefully. Many of the graduates said they were trained enough to compete meaningfully after high school. In consideration of all these, I encourage fellow board members to join me in giving honor where it is due.

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