‘Concerned’ group sets community meeting

Published 12:59am Thursday, April 26, 2012

With the recent occurrences of gun violence in the area, one grassroots organization is concerned about the acts of aggression and desires to put a stop to it.

The newly formed Concern Citizens Against Violence, or CCAV, will hold its first community meeting Saturday, May 5 at 11 a.m. inside the St. James Hotel. The event is free and open to the public.

With a mission to create awareness and make practical steps that impact a growing problem in the society as it relates to violent acts of aggression, CCAV is a group made up of citizens from Demopolis, Uniontown and Selma, who believe they can make a difference.

One of the group’s founders Maria Mann said the organization was always something she wanted to get off the ground.

“This kind of thing fell into my lap,” Mann said. “I got a call from someone in California who had a ‘stop the violence’ organization and I invited him to come to Alabama. I got pastors, principals, police chiefs involved, so we could start networking. The mission was to stop the violence in the community.”

A native of New York, Mann said she is familiar with rampant crime. She believes the key to curtailing crime is to get to the source of it.

“There is so much crime committed in the community against people in the community — we just have to stop that,” Mann said. “Most of the children (who commit the crimes) aren’t listened to. I wanted to put some programs together for them and then leave them to speak — give their thoughts; I want to network with everyone in the area and give children in the area something to do.”

Mann is asking the public to join in the conversation.

For more information call 216-1402.



    Why not join the CCAV, Popdukes. They need you.

    • popdukes12

      Well, Let’s see what was in the article. You have someone from New York wanting to parachute into Selma to “stop that,” Mann said. “Most of the children (who commit the crimes) aren’t listened to”. Do you really want input from adolesent criminals with warped value programming. Then the article continues,”I wanted to put some programs together for them”. We already have programs for them…It is called “Jail”. In much the same manner as the Freedom Foundation, an outsider has found a small southern town that is “ripe” for exploitation due to the criminal and racial strife that exists there. When Ms. Mann realizes that financial support for her efforts aren’t forthcoming for her initatives, she will end up in front of the City Council looking for a handout like so many other groups like this do. Lip service is one thing, but this lady sounds like she is laying the ground work for her own self perpetuation. pops

  • popdukes12

    “There is so much crime committed in the community against people in the community”—-Uh, Yeah. Here again, people are confusing crime and violence. One can commit a crime over the telephone, but violence is usually face to face (at least in bullet distance of each other). What does this make it that have come into existence in the last two years with the epress purpose of defeating violence…about 4. First there was the City Council woman, then there was the preachers, then there was the Mayor and the preachers, and now we have another acronym wanting to give it a shot. there are only two ways to stop this and I don’t see a city that is ready for either. One is massive doses of religion and the other is “The broken window theory”. The first has kept the proveyors civil for thousands of years and the other cleaned up the New York subways in a couple of months. pops

    You ask….What is “the broken window theory”? Well, if you’re really interested, Google it (I’m not going to hand feed you).

    • JustTheDude

      Interesting theory.

      Do you have a suggestion to fund an endeavor like this?

      New Selma High could be a good start and an immediate way to implement it on a small scale…

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