A car driven by Natavious Fields, 26, collided with one of the brick columns in the drive-thru area of the Regions Bank location on Citizens Parkway early Friday morning. Fields, who was shot at the gas station across the street from the bank, was in his car when it collided with the column. He suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the chest and was declared dead at the scene. -- Tim Reeves

Shooting kills one; suspects arrested

Published 3:24pm Friday, April 20, 2012

An alleged drug deal at a main service station in Selma went terribly wrong early Friday morning when one of those reportedly involved was shot in the chest and killed.

Shortly before 3 a.m. Friday, a shooting at the Pure Station at the corner of Broad Street and Citizens Parkway was reportedly connected to an attempted drug transaction involving three individuals.

The victim, 26-year-old Natavious Fields, pulled up to one of the station’s pumps where two individuals, who police have now identified as 18-year-old Joseph Junior Agee III and 19-year-old Marquel K. Woods, approached him.


“When they approached the car, it appears that one of them pulled out a small caliber handgun, demanded the drugs and the cash. When the victim refused, one of the suspects opened fire,” Selma Chief of Police William T. Riley said. “Through the investigation, we have learned that Agee was the suspect who fired the shots.”

Fields, who was still in his car, a grey Nissan Altima, attempted to get away after being wounded. Somehow, the accelerator was pressed, sending his car out of the parking lot, across Citizens Parkway, up onto the grass area on the opposite side of the street before coming to a stop after colliding with one of the brick columns at Region’s Bank.

Riley said once officers arrived, they found Fields in his car with a gunshot wound to the upper torso.


Following the shooting, both Agee and Woods fled the scene, but not before leaving behind evidence that included witnesses and video surveillance.

“We were able to get good visible identification of the two suspects from video surveillance at the store, including video of them inside the store,” Riley said. “We also received information from concerned citizens in the area.”

Police, with the identities of the suspects in hand, were able to take both Agee and Woods into custody later Friday morning.

Agee, who is a resident of the 1400 block of Keller Avenue, and Woods, a resident of the 1600 block of Marie Foster Street, were both arrested, charged with murder and placed in the Dallas County Jail. The handgun police believe was used in the killing was found in Agee’s home.

As for Field’s vehicle, Riley said investigators did find marijuana when they executed a search of the car.

  • D-man

    Agee looks like he has an innocent face. Good thing a mexican didn’t shoot him.

    You know, seriously… hate is hate, no matter what color a person is. This is very sad.

  • e1948eab74

    Pop! Where in the … have you been? Old Hank must have called Obammy for they were back on the air last week. Tune in and listen to Rose, Fortier and Leashore for they can explain the real reason for all these killings and non of it will be improper parenting or school discipling or just too damn sorry to work for something. They will tell you brother.

    • popdukes12

      Sorry, I must have missed the memo to tune back in. If you recorded any of the “tyrates” please E-mail me a copy. pops

      P.S. To answer your question…..Spring Break !!!!!

  • nl

    sad commentary to this kind of news is how the local racists jump on it as an opportunity to “justify” their twisted viewpoints and spread their venom.

  • popdukes12

    I have to wonder how many “retribution” confrontations will occur from this considering how many “cousins” everyone in Selma seem to have. pops

  • bamagirl33

    Seriously, someone else caused 3 ypung people to get mixed up with drugs and one shoot the other…PLEASE, GIVE ME A FREAKIN BRAKE!!!!

    • bamagirl33


      • jasonsmith

        LOL — learn the difference between “brake” and “break” while we’re discussing typos and lack of education.


    Selma, Selma, Selma…so sad…so sad…so sad.

  • e1948eab74

    Nathan Bedford Forrest , Joe T, and Cecil Williamson caused all this. Don’t believe me , then listen to Obama, Perkins, Sanders and Fortier’s Radio Station next week.

    Lord, Please help me to get out of this place while I’m still breathing.

    • popdukes12

      The station is “off the air” and has been for a couple of weeks. Mismanagement….someone ignored sending in their license renewal to the FCC. “Too many chiefs and not enough indians” will cause this, sometimes. pops

      • JustTheDude

        FYI if you need your 105.3 fix, it is back up and running since last Thursday 4-19

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