Givers make very wise investments

Published 11:14pm Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One thing that has stood out to me all these years that I have lived in Selma is people here love to give.

Many persistently give beyond their group or clique. When we exceed boundary in giving, we resist abnormality, by overcoming wrong with right. Candidly, when I write about giving, money readily comes to people’s mind. Money, education, silver, gold, and etc are good gifts but I’m writing about intangible gifts. The hope, encouragement, peace, love and unity that thou bringeth may have long-lasting and significant effects than money.

I know this man from Selma who went for an interview before city council officials to become a member of the Selma City Board of Education. During the interview, everything went well, he thought, until one of the interviewers asked him this question, “what would you bring to our school system?” He thought hard but the only answer that came to his mind, which he gave, was the Bible verse that he read in his bedroom before going to the interview.

Some committee members, he thought, looked at him strange while some appeared not to be bothered by the answer. One member of the committee asked him about the doctorate, the masters, the graduate courses, training, experience in his resume and he said he got them. The same lady told him the man sitting across is a preacher. The last statement puzzled him because he did not know what it was for. Regardless, that ended the interview.

On his way home, he wondered why he blew an interview in that manner. When he got home, he shared his experience with his wife who said that if it was a mistake, it was certainly a good one. Amazingly, this man had so much peace about the interview that he never talked about it anymore; he was comfortable with any outcome.

One morning, he went outside to pick the newspaper and saw in the front page that he was appointed to the board. He rushed to the house singing, “When I think of His goodness and what He does for me, I can dance (7 times) all night.” His family wondered what was up but he told them to join the dance which they did and he eventually broke the news.

By the way, he promised the interviewers he would bring ‘fruit of the spirit’ found in the book of Galatians in the Bible. They are love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, faith, meekness, self-control. This school board member affirms this promise has always served as a reminder to do right all the time, look beyond mistakes or take corrective action if need be.

Do not be intimidated in giving what you have to your community or another. Most times what you have may be exactly what is needed at that time and future. I know about a crippled beggar who expected money from two gentle men; conversely, the two guys gave something more significant and long lasting. They gave prayer, love, healing, peace, hope, joy and faith. Indubitably, givers are those wise investors who constantly receive higher rate of return on investment.


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