A peaceful seed is very fruitful

Published 11:31pm Tuesday, April 10, 2012

There is nothing more fruitful than a peaceful seed. Peaceful results emanate from things done with purity of intention or with love. If a community or a school district invests wisely in education, the likelihood is very high that productive citizens will be produced. Productive translates to creative, industrious, prolific and useful. When a group strategizes cohesively and purposefully, the outcome is usually remarkable; but group success can be negatively affected if members chase vainglory or provoke and envy others with disregard for the significance of unity.

Every decision making group should encourage input from all members, and then analyze the advantages and disadvantages of every contribution before narrowing down on advantages that outweigh disadvantages. If you watch everyone in your group, you’ll see each is gifted differently. Walter Wriston, former Citibank CEO, once said, “The person who figures out how to harness the collective genius of the people in his or her organization is going to blow the competition away.” Many times plans fail when a strategic plan is handled like a short-term plan or when the cooperative brilliance of the group is not utilized.

While writing this piece, I tried to conceal a chap stick from my desk in my palm by holding it tight with all five fingers and I was successful in protecting it. When I tried to hide it with only three fingers, half of the lip moisturizer was exposed. The lesson I learned from my demonstration was the verity that all five fingers, though dissimilar in appearance, are capable of achieving more if all team members work together for one goal.

Another good reason for respectfully getting all involved is that even if the outcome of a given project is unsatisfactory, everybody shares the blame; thereby reducing fracas. Peace, which is essential for growth, gets adversely affected when disrespect takes center stage. Even a peace strategist gets offended if pushed too far; but still, our community needs more peacemakers.

Leadership positions come with power, and power as far as I am concerned has to be managed, with the realization that power has to be shared. I believe that the true worth of power is measured by the overall purpose and effect of the power.

When you respect the people on your team and do not selfishly and unnecessarily rock the boat, your team members will respect you and make life easier for you. The team setting, as I write, includes your community or any group you are constantly a part of. Mistakes can be a thing of the past as we all position ourselves as peacemakers because of the earthly and heavenly benefits. Peacemakers are high achievers who are called children of God.

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