Members of the Concordia College Alabama’s Hornets Football team were honored Monday along with USCAA National Champions 2012 Lady Hornets Basketball team during a special ceremony and parade. The football team placed first in poll for independent programs among Historically Black Colleges and Universities. -- Desiree Taylor

Concordia honors champions

Published 11:29pm Monday, March 26, 2012

Concordia College Alabama’s women’s basketball team and football players were honored in a special ceremony and parade during the school’s National Championship Day Monday.

Concordia faculty, staff, students and officials, celebrated the “exceptional” accomplishments of both the Lady Hornets, who were recently named the United States Collegiate Athletic Association National Champions, and the Hornets Football team, who were named Historically Black College and Universities, or HBCU Independent National Champions 2012.

Concordia president Dr. Tilahun Mendedo said he was very proud of the students.

“It’s my honor today to be a part of this history,” Mendedo said. “We have so many legacies, so many histories; we are proud of what’s happened and what’s happening … there is talent, there is skill and there is a smartness in small, Selma, Alabama; without faculty, without leadership and without staff and good government, you wouldn’t have made it thus far.”

Selma Mayor George Evans said he appreciated the respect and honor the Lady Hornets brought back to Selma after their championship win against Selma University in Uniontown, Pa., on March 10.

“I can’t say enough congratulatory things to our championship ladies,” Evans said. “It’s wonderful to have champs and co-champs represent our city of Selma; Concordia is a diamond in the rough … I’m proud to say you’re from Selma.”

Concordia athletic director and head football coach Shepherd Skanes, who also awarded his players with certificates of achievement during the ceremony, said he was pleased with his football program’s hard work.

“Without these coaches, none of this is possible … no one man can do this himself — it takes everybody,” Skanes said. “I always built the program with God first, education second and athletics third … we believe we can bring wins here.”

Kimberly Anderson, Lady Hornet’s head coach, was grateful to her players for their dedication to early morning practices and ability to handle pressure throughout the season.

“I am so proud and honored to work here at Concordia,” Anderson said, who believes her work was a divine assignment. “God looked at me as being a vessel … I don’t have a special team, all of them are special and a gift from God … I have 13, young, beautiful ladies of character, they can’t be defined … these young ladies walk with class, respect and (the) emphasis of Concordia College.”

The ceremonies ended with a parade down Broad Street and a cookout on the school’s west campus.

Members of the women’s team presented Mendedo and Anderson with monogrammed championship T-shirts.

Evans will have a lunch for the Lady Hornets, the Hornet football team and Selma Lady Bulldogs Tuesday at the St. James.

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