Make love part of the curriculum

Published 12:31am Thursday, March 15, 2012

Technological advancements and human improbable ambition are not at par with the greatest but affordable harmonizer known as Love; little wonder the world is in danger of all types of war, including nuclear.

If I have the authority, I will mandate for ‘love’ to be taught in schools. Love will be listed among some core disciplines like reading, writing, math, science, history and et cetera that make up the foundation of every child’s education. What serves as a foundation to a person’s education helps to mold such individual.

Nothing good comes easy; consequently, the possibility of love becoming part of the curriculum is dependent upon fervent prayers because some people may not be ready to abandon their pesky, antiquated aversion for love. People despise love when they are constantly partial in their dealings, when you are ingrained in enviousness, when you have no respect for some people, when you forgive not, when you think you are better and look down on others, when you hate people just like that, when you use your power to hurt the people that you have been assigned to help, and when you utterly abominate unity.

Regardless of how much a person knows, if you don’t know love, you are still uninformed and ignorant to a humungous extent. Worthy of acknowledging, also, is the fact education without love is a demarcation; education with love is hope; dime with love is valuable than lots of funds with hate. A dime with hate is useless; a follower with love is treasured over a leader with hate. A leader with love is better than a follower with hate. It is decorous to be a student/listener with love as well as a teacher/speaker with love.

You can smartly master your relationship with others so that you work with them effectively. Conversely, love is not affected by conditions and environment; it is a commandment that we must strictly adhere to. You may disagree with people that you love, but you should never plan evil against them.

Some leadership, bible knowledge and human resources lessons have taught us to be good listeners, to be empathetic, role reversal, being open, and being an encourager.

To be a good listener, you have to engage in communication. You cannot allow your perception about the speaker affect what you are hearing. You have to pay attention to what is said and not how it is said. Empathy allows you to imaginatively put yourself in another person’s predicament. Similarly; role reversal allows you to be treated like you have been treating others.

While these factors enhance relationship and could be partly love’s ingredients, still it is not love if envy is tolerated, if vengeance dominates, if unnecessary enmity and evil against another rule, if destruction is allowed over mercy, if people celebrate others’ calamities, and if love is mimicked for temporary or manipulative purposes.


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