God is present in our schools

Published 12:16am Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Although intellect is very powerful, nonetheless its power, in every scale measured, is inferior to a supreme power. Education is a way out of poverty and a lot of problems, yet education by itself may not guarantee the elimination of the poverty of completeness. A sense of comprehensiveness comes from knowing that the knowledge gained from education or other source receives divine guidance and oomph from the God that knows it all. No reason to exclude God in the pursuit of success.

On many occasions I’ve heard this statement, “We need God in our schools.” It usually comes from people of strong spiritual backgrounds. With no disrespect, my position is that we already have God in our schools.

The U.S Supreme Court decision on McCollum v. Board of Education, which finds religious instruction in public schools a violation of the establishment clause and therefore unconstitutional, from my perspective, did not remove God from the public school. In Engel v. Vitale the court concluded any kind of prayer, composed by public school districts, even nondenominational prayer, is unconstitutional government sponsorship of religion. This as well, did not remove God from schools.

Similarly, in Abington School District v. Schempp, the court finds Bible reading over school intercom and forcing a child to participate in Bible reading and prayer unconstitutional. Even the court ruling in Stone v. Graham, in which the court finds the posting of the Ten Commandments in schools unconstitutional, still, did not remove God from schools as far as I’m concerned.

Our God is ubiquitous, meaning He is everywhere. Who can stop Him from being where He desires? The good in schools still outnumber the bad in schools. The number of dropouts in schools is still comparatively less than the number of graduates. Peaceful times outnumber troublesome times. The number of well meaning teachers and administrators are greater. The number of envy or dirty politics motivated actions are far less than love motivated; and you wonder who is in charge.

Instead of expending energy worrying about what political lobbyists and professional politicians are doing, we should devote more energy in thanking God for constantly producing graduates who end up working for God or earning a living the right way.

Sometimes, an official does not need to read a Bible to a child in order to depict God’s supremacy. The God in a person comes out by the level of firmness to positivity, level of compassion, and the degree of love exhibited. Worthy of emulation is the fact that when Jesus was here on earth, He went about doing good. He instilled hope in children as well as adults. When everybody condemned; Jesus had mercy and instilled hope without condoning the offence. When the devil points only at the deficiencies, may we, as officials and parents, focus on prevention, correction, improvement and the strengths; and firmly believe that the God on the mountain is the God in the valley; when things go wrong He makes them right when He deems fit.


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