Dallas County land transactions for period Feb. 17–March 2:

Published 11:55pm Wednesday, March 7, 2012
  • Mortgage Electronic Regis to U S Bank National Association, Dallas County
  • Mortgage Electronic Regis to Wells Fargo Bank N A, Dallas County
  • Mortgage Electronic Regis to Waterfall Victoria Geneva, 214 Pleasant St
  • Fathers of St Edmund to Central Alabama Child Develop., Dallas County, $5,000
  • J&M Farms LLC to Marion Bank & Trust Co, Dallas County, $730,356.50
  • Rodney D Holman to Alliance Financial Resources, 401 Quail Hollow Dr, $102,045
  • Ross Hobbs to Marion Bank & Trust Co, Dallas County, $30,150
  • Gregory Kenneth Chestnut to Citibank N A, 2526 Parkway Dr, $94,700
  • Mattie Moore Rountree Barr to Wood Dealers South Inc, Dallas County
  • Wood Dealers South Inc to Town-Country National Bank, Dallas County, $502,600
  • Ganel Bryan-Edwards to Eugenia R Williamson Camp, Lot 7, Block 1 Sunshine Place. $27,000
  • Robert Squire Jr to Lula B Hatcher, Lot 16 & east half of Lot 17, Block 22, Weaver Addition, $35,000
  • Benjamin D Cosby to Auburn Bank, 109 Crescent Hill, $108,000
  • Mortgage Electronic Regis to Bank of America N A, Dallas County
  • Steven Ferrell to Quicken Loans Inc, 614 Church St, $56,815
  • Steward Properties LLC to Mary Frances OBrien Sims, Dallas County, $100,000
  • Thomas C Henry to BankTrust, 140 Deerfield Dr, $62,750
  • Michael J Specchio to Farm Credit Services, Dallas County
  • Michael M Stewart to BankTrust, 2804 Summerfield Rd, $52,000
  • Evelyn M Cox to Marion Bank & Trust Co, Dallas County, $25,000
  • Roosevelt Walker to Alliance Financial Resources, 101 Moore Circle, $63,059
  • Era Dean Lake to Ketrenna R Lake, Lot 25 Block 2 Greenwood Park, $25,151.72
  • Charles Sharpe to Alliance Financial Resources, 110 Christie Lane, $117,346
  • States Resources Corp to Kimbrough L Ballard, Lot 11 McDowell Ranch & Recreation Area, $11,000
  • James Pardue to Johnnie Steve Tate, Lot 4 River Oaks Subdivsion, $20,000
  • Amanda Handly Henry to Brandon G Simmons, Dallas County
  • Louise P Vickers to Herbert C Vickers, Lot 13, Block 1 Barrett Subdivision, $40,000
  • Herbert C Vickers to Barrett Road United Methodist Church, Lot 13, Block 1 Barrett Subdivision, $105,800
  • Michael Randall Rushton to James Simpson, Dallas County
  • Joseph P Soileau to Joseph P Soileau, Lot 23 Ocmulgee Estates, $10
  • Marjorie A Felts to Agnes C Pegues, Lot 4 Block A Llanfair, $75,000
  • Elliott Lester to Sheba Gardner, Dallas County, $1,000
  • Matthew H Harris to J&H Rental Properties, Dallas County, $136,000
  • Cheryl S Ratcliff to Timothy Marlow, Dallas County, $82,750
  • Fannie Mae by Atty in Fac to Gary K Shipman Sr, Dallas County, $29,000
  • Julia L Kincaid to Julia L Kincaid, Dallas County
  • U.S. Bank National Association to Rodney Holman, Lot 22 & 23 Quail Ridge Subdivision
  • Sunrise Selma LLC to Selma-Dallas County Historical Society, Dallas County, $48,000
  • Darla M Barton to Michael Day, Dallas County, $1,000
  • John D Stallworth Jr to William H Johnson Jr, Dallas County, $15,000
  • Jean H Rimmer to Edith E Hale, Dallas County, $21,000
  • Eugenia R Williamson Camp to Ganel Bryan-Edwards, Lot 7 Sunshine Place, $6,000
  • Glenda M Haygood to Yamada Orr, East 2/3 Block Lot 10 Weaver Addition, $26,500
  • Robert T Summerville to Benjamin D Cosby, Lot 2 Block 2 J A Reid Addition, $30,000
  • John D Stallworth Jr to George Duffy Casey, Dallas County, $30,000
  • Mike T Ferrell to Steve Ferrell, Lot 23 of Block 53
  • Roger A Seymore to Roger A Seymore, Dallas County
  • Markesha H Posey to Oscar Lee Howard, Jr, Dallas County, $32,000
  • Mary Frances OBrien Sims to Steward Properties LLC, Dallas County, $25,000
  • Oleen S Hardy to Roosevelt Walker, Lot 6 Park Ave
  • Theresa Kenne Williamson to Edgar W Greene Jr, Dallas County, $120,000
  • Linda H Palmer to Charles Sharpe, Lot 11 Welch’s Subdivsion
  • Donald C Atwood to James T Spears, Dallas County, $18,000

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