Charter could do much better

Published 10:50pm Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dear editor,

Why won’t Charter fix our phone service? We have called Charter numerous times over the last several months about intermittent phone service at our businesses, Carpet Plus, and Cover It, on Citizens Parkway.

The problem is that with many of our calls the person on the other end can only hear every other word, not enough to carry on a conversation. Charter has sent technicians several times and each time we were told they have checked everything and there was nothing they could find. We have talked to other businesses on the same block, and up to a mile away, and every Charter customer has the same problem and the same response.

The business right next door to us has switched to AT&T because of this. My daughter at her home, several miles away, has the same problem.

I have been to the local Charter office about this at least four times. The local people in the office here have been extremely friendly and have gone out of their way to try and help, I have nothing but praise for them. But no one beyond the local level, or who can actually do anything about this seems to care.

We have spent an astounding amount of time calling and waiting on hold only to have to repeat the problem over and over again. Charter absolutely has to be aware of this, and know that it is a major widespread problem.

Perhaps the City of Selma should consider this kind of response to customer issues when considering service with Charter.

Anyone who has had a similar problem with Charter phone service can register a complaint with the Alabama Public Service Commission at this address:


Nat Rudulph


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