Above is a photo from a recent trip taken by Alan Hicks Jr., executive director of Integrity Worldwide, to Meteo, Kenya. The Selma-based Christian organization has spent the past few years in the region developing medical services, advancing educational improvements and building dams to store rainwater.

Helping out one bite at a time

Published 12:47am Wednesday, February 22, 2012

For two weeks, Alan Hicks Jr. has spent time in Meteo, Kenya, looking at ongoing projects and laying the groundwork for new projects Selma-based Integrity Worldwide is involved.

Over his two weeks in Kenya, Hicks — who is executive director — has looked at the Christian organization’s educational programs, its drinking water programs and has put together the initial paperwork for what he hopes grows into a new hospital for the rural Kenyan community.

“I got a call from our director in Kenya who told me of a woman in the community — a pregnant woman all of us knew,” Hicks said. “He told me she had been sick and had been in the church all night. He told me they had prayed with her all night before trying to take her to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, she died. If only, there had been a nurse there, or something. But we lost her and the baby. It was devastating.”

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