Litter has become an economic issue

Published 10:55pm Tuesday, February 14, 2012

There now seems to be a growing understanding that litter and overall cleanliness of Selma is an issue that must receive immediate attention. Unfortunately, there is still not enough people, groups, organizations or businesses joining on to make a dent in what is an obvious problem.

Of those who have taken this issue head on, Selma Mayor George Evans, in a program his administration has called “A Call To Action,” has joined municipal resources and the energies of local churches on this issue and it is a project we fully endorse.

This effort, along with those already in place, such as Christians Against Trash, is hopefully just the beginning of what we hope will be a ground swell of support and response in battling this litter and illegal dump sites.

But, it cannot end at Selma’s city limits.

As we have said before, the causeways leading to Selma, must be addressed, as they are the first impression — rightly or wrongly — potential business leaders, residents and guests have of Selma and Dallas County.

A combined effort between civic groups, private organizations, businesses and municipalities is the only solution to making sure those guests, those potential business partners, don’t leave this area thinking we do not even care enough about ourselves to clean up the area we live.

How can we expect these individuals and businessses to commit to moving here and calling this area home, when we don’t appreciate what we have and what we have called home for so long?

Litter is no longer just a cleanliness issue, it is an economic development issue and one we can all help solve.

  • D-man

    that’s a good point pops…

    but if the people doing the littering see church people volunterring their time to pick up after them and not getting paid to do it, then maybe they might reconsider throwing paper cups out their windows… it is different when they think that city employees get paid to clean up after them, but maybe, just maybe, they will think a little more when they see people volunteering their time… in a best case scenario, maybe they will go to church because they were impressed with what the church was doing…

    • popdukes12

      “Compunction”? I doubt it. pops

  • popdukes12

    Would one really think that the proveyors of litter would be of the same moral, educational,and economic strada as people that subscribe to reading the paper? As long as individuals are allowed to dump household garbage on the curbs of Selma, you’ll have a litter problem. If a city government doesn’t respect itself enough to enforce current trash and garbage control requirements, how will you ever expect individuals to develope self control concerning the litter situation? pops

  • D-man

    glad ya’ll are supporting this very worthwhile opportunity for all the churches to get more involved in Selma’s well being Tim.

    there is great potential here and if the majority of the churches get on board with this program it could be the best thing that’s happened to Selma in many years…

    economically, socially, cosmetically, spiritually…

    keep the praise for the program coming…

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