Marina meeting Monday

Published 9:41pm Saturday, February 11, 2012

Discussions will continue Monday on building a new city marina at the boat ramps near Bloch Park and Memorial Stadium.

Selma Parks and Recreation director Elton Reece said representatives will meet with Selma Mayor George Evans Monday to discuss plans for a new facility.

The men who submitted the proposal, Gordon McLendon and David Pearce Jr., will discuss their ideas and how it will work with the city’s vision.

“They’ll present their plan to the mayor as far as what they’ve got and what they’ll do,” he said. “It’s going to be a partnership.”

Proposals were submitted to the city in May.

The bond issue for the project is $100,000, but the city has indicated in the past other funds could be available if money is left over from the Bloch Park and Memorial Stadium projects.

There is no timetable for the project, however, in a previous interview Evans said he would like to see something done within the next year.

The plans will have to meet requirements by the Alabama Conservation Department and accommodate most of the needs for boaters.

The marina will have to be 12 feet off the ground because of the flood plain.

The city is hoping to place a restaurant on the top floor of the marina and a bait shop and meeting room for organizations and conventions on the bottom floor.

Most importantly, Reece said the city needs a marina in place to give people incentive to stop in, and visit Selma.

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  • e1948eab74

    Personally I think a Marina would benefit more people than benches etc. in the area behind Major Grumbles. And I won’t use either.

  • nancybennett

    Will fuel be available? If not, we’re missing a big opportunity for gas/sales taxes which is something that could help maintain the ramp and overall area.

  • popdukes12

    Wait a minute…I was understanding that the new building was to be built on the upper parking level. In order for the floor to be 12 feet above the “ground”, that would require a three story building. Am I missing something here? It is also my understanding that Reese has been sitting on $150,000 for a year (to build the building). If water were to reach that elevation, it would be about the same elevation as the retaining wall around the sewage plant. Those walls were predicated on the ’61 flood. The true “River Rats” loved the old shop and on more than one occasion saw it filled with water. This is going to be the third boating season without a bait shop. If Mr. Evans were a boater, a new shop would have already been built. As you know, one reason that $1.3 million was spent on the stadium was Evan’s association with the Alabama Umpires Association. Pops.

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