A letter to Barack Obama

Published 9:30pm Saturday, February 11, 2012

By Byrd Looper

Dear Mr. President:

As has been the case during your presidency and your campaign, your rhetoric does not match up with your actions and policies. As the nation’s elected leader, you should be all about governing in the American people’s best interest. Instead, your activities appear to be about you and your drive to be re-elected for a second term.

For starters, your rejection of the keystone pipeline project, from Canada to Texas is senseless and inexcusable. This endeavor would create countless jobs, benefit greatly small businesses and help to alleviate our current gasoline crisis in terms of extremely high prices. Environmental studies show that the proposed pipeline would not endanger the environment.

Your desire to satisfy your liberal, “green” supporters is just another example of your  putting your personal politics ahead of what’s best for our country. Speaking of green, your solar panel stuff has been an economic disaster for the taxpayers, e.g. Solyndra (half a billion dollars) plus other bad solar panel company investments. Let’s do the pipeline!

Perhaps your most outrageous recent initiative covers your declaration of war on religious freedom. The main issues include sterilization and contraception in employees’ health-care plans. Of course, we are talking about Obamacare—socialized medicine—your attack on Christian oriented religion and your disregard for the Constitution’s first amendment.

On your inauguration day, Mr. President, you swore to uphold the Constitution which includes the religion-oriented first amendment. You “seem to be trying to appease the ACLU and other atheist groups.

You have a firestorm on your hands now with the Catholics and other religious faiths. Our forefathers guaranteed religious liberty and freedom, the latter being called “our first liberty.” It is the most important part of our national culture. Please don’t mess with it!

  • Vonnie

    Another bigoted individual that continues to be influenced by FOX News. It is obvious the Selma Times have to continue to cater to the bigots; there is not factual evidence in Looper’s letter.

    I guess we still have some of these fools still left in our society, cannot wait until they all die off, then we can really appreciate how U.S. Society has really advanced culturally for better. The Looper is the problem, his kind will never say a kind work about President Obama, even if you saved him from drowning.

    DO YOUR HOMEWORK LOOPER! Also, I think I remember you, I use to serve you booze at the Selma Country Club years ago while in Law School. It is not too late for you, you still have some time left to treat your narrow and segregated mind.

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