School association preaches peace

Published 9:08pm Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Selma City Board of Education was part of the District meeting held at Ramada Inn on Jan. 23.For some reason; it was somehow stupendous.

A preacher preached about love and forgiveness and followed it up with a prayer that hammered on those two concerns. I believe that love + forgiveness = Peace. Everybody cannot agree each time a group meets; that’s the essence of individual analysis, thinking, and foresight.

Personally, I believe a group can disagree and learn from it. We need love (God) and forgiveness in every endeavor and its management. Forgiveness is spiritually and naturally beneficial for us; but, still, we must resist wrong so it can flee from us. For me, forgiveness means we can, now, work cohesively for a common goal with no reservations; it means I have no personal rancor against you; it means that whatever was said or done is less important than our utter growth and peace.

We need peace that surpasses all methods of conflict resolution.

I’m personally commanded not to hate my associates on the Board, or other, but not forbidden from vehemently opposing any positioning that is repulsive to improvement and stability. This approach serves me well as a conflict management strategy.

Also noticeable at the meeting was the fact the district director’s moderating reflected the environment and Sally and Susan, the two officials of AASB, who also, preached; stressed peace-promoting factors. They encouraged us not to talk to the superintendent about hiring a friend, frat or sorority relatives, club members, etc. We were emphatically reminded it is not our responsibility to be looking at the achievement data for each teacher; rather the board should look at the overall system’s data which will enable them make decision as to the direction of the system. The board was discouraged from going to ask for funds without involving the superintendent.

Furthermore, they implored the board to desist from wanting to serve on a committee, which interviews applicants for school system positions. I know the two positions the board is actually responsible for hiring are that of the CSFO and The Superintendent.

We were encouraged to allow the principals and the superintendents to hire whoever they believe will work effectively with them.

“If a Principal or a Superintendent makes a bad decision relative to hiring it will show” Dr. Sally Howell, the executive director asserted.

We were also informed it is best to go to the superintendent if we hear of, or see a problem that needs to be fixed in the school system. We should always give the superintendent the opportunity to address the issue.

In order to become an effective board, the Alabama Association of School Boards summarized it thus; operate as a visionary/ethical governance team, focus on overall system’s achievement, act with fiscal responsibility, support an effective superintendent, advocate for public education through communication with stakeholders, formulate policy in compliance with the state and federal laws.

Instead of trying to implement the policy all the time, we, the board, should set the policy and have reliable accountability methods for evaluating and monitoring the effectiveness of the policy being implemented by the superintendent and their team.

  • D-man

    Often people talking about peace, only mean it if you agree with them…it is one of my least liked tactics people sometimes use to sway opinion…the only tactic I hate worse is “God says we should all be of one mind” when the one mind they are talking about is “their mind or their opinion” which sometimes isn’t even biblical at all…


  • D-man

    Dwelling in the past will destroy the future and the children are worth far more than that. Create a better future and move on.

    Encourage the protestors to quit the drama which is huring the system. Wars and battles destroy lives, and there are too many children near the blast area.

    If there anything I aim to teach is while I am in Selma it is to shake off the dirt and move on to a better future… only hogs wallow in the mud.

    • mo-of-thesame

      D you know these folks can’t march across the bridge and walk toward the future… Too much profit in creating chaos.

      It is all about the money. The school system is larger than the city and county budgets combined and are designed to be stolen from. These people who claim to be about the children have only their own monetary interest in mind. Our only hope is that the majority of our citizens do have their eyes on the future rather than a small group of greedy fools.

      Education is the only path out of poverty and 48% of our young folks don’t finish the opportunity offered to them. Sad but true. How many generations have to suffer due to the greed of a few? Pogo was right, “we have found the enemy and it is us”

      • D-man

        Mo… hate radio….is just a brainwashing and propaganda tool for getting control and keeping the public dumbed down… their “real” profits aren’t with their advertisers… they are using that radio station in a perverse way…

        whether the commentators on there know it or not, they are just a “tool” used to keep the majority “blind” and the “thieves” in power…

  • mo-of-thesame

    D-man is exactly right. As someone who has signed both sides of a paycheck I can assure you keeping a bad employee is akin to creating a cancer within your organization that will continue to grow until it kills everything it touches.

    With regards to the good doctor perhaps he should start listening to his own sermons. If he truly wants peace then support the decision made by the majority of the board. Had he been in the majority how would he react to the behavior similar to his recent actions?

    Bottom line is practice what you preach Doc and help your buddy Hicks see the light as well. Being a pawn of politicos rather than having a true community focus is a far greater sin.

  • D-man

    Oftentimes, I haven’t followed the advice myself (and it shows), but all the best and most successful business people will tell you that when a decision is made you move past it. If you made a mistake, you look forward and correct it, trying not to make it again.

    They will also tell you, and this the most important… “be very slow to hire and very quick to fire”…

    I know when contracts are envolved the “quick to fire part” may be more difficult difficult… but the “slow to hire” part should not have been as difficult… what that means is thoroughly research and find the very best candidate… interview many… look at pros and cons… because once you hire someone…whew… you can get riots in the street which can cause damage to the business (board) and others affected.. in this case, all of selma…

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