Find ways to let your light shine

Published 8:09pm Monday, February 6, 2012

The wind and sun were arguing about which of them were stronger between the two. “Look,” said the wind, “I’ll prove to you that I am more powerful. See that man down on the earth?

Let’s each exercise our power, and whoever can make that man shed his coat faster will be acknowledged as the more powerful.” “Fine,” the sun replied with a smile, “you go first.” So the wind howled and scowled; he huffed and puffed but the harder he tried, the more the man pulled his coat to shield himself from the cold. Finally the wind died down, exhausted from his efforts. Then the sun began to shine, gently but persistently, until the man unbuttoned his jacket one button at a time. Before long, he had shed not only his coat, but rolled up the sleeves of his shirt as well. The wind had to admit defeat. Although powerful, like the wind selfishness and unkindness cause us to keep to ourselves. On the other hand, love and kindness opens hearts just as the sun’s rays. It is my prayer that the focus of the 2012 Legislative Session is more on opening of hearts rather than proving who is more powerful.

When our hearts are cold and covered we tend to become selfish and unkind. Having cold hearts creates a world which defines success by being flamboyant, goal-driven, powerful, proud, self-centered, and self- made. In other words, cold hearts lead to selfishness. Unfortunately, most of us are pretty good at knowing what selfishness looks like when we’re looking at someone else. However, we easily become blinded when performing a self-evaluation. Our selfishness is manifested when we choose to believe our ideas are always right without giving consideration to another’s way of thinking. Even if our ideas are right when we attempt to strong arm or force our ideas on others we cause others to fasten their coats a little more. As humble servants, we are called to shine like the sun and to exemplify servanthood. Our success in life has nothing to do with how much power we have or how much we have accomplished for ourselves. But success is measured by what we do for others, how we better the lives of others. When we choose to lay down our own agendas or plans to serve others, we end up discovering our own life’s purpose. Our rays of love, kindness, and service will open the hearts of those whom we serve. We are called to let our lights shine so when our good works are seen, people’s hearts will be opened and God will be glorified.

We should relentlessly look for ways to let our light shine. We don’t have time for division, others are depending on us so it is time for all of us to shine.

  • mo-of-thesame

    The good Reverend is obviously a freshman at politics. As he was not a part of the all-powerful Alabama Dixiecrats that ran goat hill like they owned it (and they did for nearly a century) he knows nothing of how they blew their hot air all over the republican minority. My oh my how they complain when their own tactics are used against them.

    Our district could benefit from having a business minded member of the majority party. Let’s hope someone will have the courage to step up to this challenge and work with the majority of our state rather than remaining Alabama’s third world.

    Keep hope alive

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