It’s unfair to spurn regulations

Published 7:32pm Tuesday, January 24, 2012

While I’m amazed at the rate that regulation is discredited, still this article is no way a rebuttal but simply a personal opinion that is based on education and work experience. Personally, I do not agree that regulation only takes away people’s freedom and strangles businesses. Regulation has its advantages and disadvantages.

I do not know what people’s lives would have been like if the constitution did not provide some levels of intervention.

As consumers we all need to be open when it comes to regulation because it works to protect all of us.

Regulations are enforced by agencies, like the one I work for, in response to laws passed by the congress. Most proponents of unregulated society argue that regulation is too expensive. Some argue that people have rights to be naturally free from having others interfere with their businesses, lives, and properties. The truth remains that the government uses its regulatory powers to reduce pollution, to make workplaces safer, to make products safe, to regulate securities, to make school system answerable for special and other educational services. Government also uses its power to maintain accountability with interstate and foreign commerce.

Without regulation, it may be difficult for a very small food processor, for example, to afford a scientific research needed to have a safe food for consumers. Without regulation, drugs, cosmetics, radiation — emitting electronic products, medical devices/services, and many other commodities that are pertinent for the proper existence of human being will be provided without proper standards. In as much as I see the  good about  regulation, I still believe that government should minimize so much  fees and taxes associated with starting and  running small businesses, particularly, considering the economic situation of today.Congress may have to determine a way of ensuring that small businesses survive.

If emphasis is placed only on taxation and regulation, things may get so bad that there may be little or no businesses to tax and regulate.

Regardless, the advantages of government regulation far outweigh the disadvantages.

If I have to list both down to depict honor, it is likely that I will write down the disadvantages in sand and inscribe the advantages on a stone.

  • mo-of-thesame

    Agree D-Man the good doctor should practice what he preaches. Being an optimist, perhaps he has seen the error of his ways and is back to doing what is morally right and legally right as he has preached in the past.

    Keep Hope Alive!

  • D-man

    this one is out there…

    so therefore jefferson broke the “regulation” and “law” or “school board policy” of getting board approval on a supplier and there was a very large check written.

    maybe that regulation was in place to make sure the superintendent wasn’t taking bribes from suppliers?

    it’s called checks and balances Udo. you should have taken your own advice…

    • popdukes12

      I’ve always called that selective enforcement. The absence of enforcement of procedures, laws, rules etc. is the exact reason so much creedence is placed in a leader. Take the hiring of the Selma High head football coach. Procedures were disregarded, and it was allowed, Why?….politics and the “Buddy/buddy” system. Wonder why Dr. O didn’t fire that person, or at least write him up?……selective enforcement. Pops

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