Divided we can’t succeed

Published 8:49pm Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In my closing remark on Jan. 12 Selma City Board of Education’s meeting, I emphatically stated that it is repugnant to natural and heavenly justices for a board to be quick in settling lawsuits but hesitant in helping our city school children. I will not apologize if that offended some people.

If we expect a superintendent to respect us, or adore us like some would prefer, we first have to show respect to fellow board members and our audience, which comprises mostly of school system personnel and parents. Sense of humor is always acceptable by any group but insolence and unconstructive criticisms can create severe problems.

If I have to choose, any day, between settling lawsuits from local funds and making sure the children of Selma are academically ahead, I will consistently choose the latter. When you try to encourage unity and support between our area businesses and Selma City Schools, some people attack you by claiming that businesses are already giving to the system; if that is the case, I will like to see the checks so we’ll apply them accordingly.

Quest for unusual success can make you, superfluously, attack or do wrong to your associates, clients, comrades and etc. that you’re supposed to help or work with.

From my perspective, meaningful success can never be attained by pulling down another so that you will ascend to the top. True success comes from being where God wants you to be, and doing those things that He wants us to do regardless of the opposition. Personally, I feel successful when whatever that I’m doing makes God happy, makes me happy and makes my family happy; and the children of this city are part of this big family.

I will continue to stand for what I believe is the right thing before God and conscientious people. I do not want to offend God by making some people happy. My Bible teaches me that, “He who oppresses the poor, reproaches His Maker but he who has mercy on the needy honors God.” “He or she who despises his neighbor sins; but he who has mercy on the poor, happy is he or she.”

To despise, at this time, is not our option; to degrade others is not an option; to attack people is not an option; the only attack that is an option for the school board is the attack on poverty through good educational policies and visions that are attainable.

Our vision has greater chance of succeeding when we, meaningfully, involve business leaders of the community, other leaders, spiritual leaders, teachers, other school personnel, parents, community members and students.

Any meeting with the business and spiritual leaders that does not yield harvestable fruit for the school board could be translated to mean a casual or inconsequential meeting.

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