System cries out for reasonable action

Published 10:08pm Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not too long ago, the Montgomery County Board of Education voted to renew superintendent Barbara Thompson’s contract for another three years. A statement that actually caught my attention in the report was this, “Representatives from the Montgomery area Chamber of Commerce and the Montgomery Ministers Union spoke Tuesday, urging that Thompson’s contract be renewed.” I strongly believe that the importance of these entities to education and to any area can never be overemphasized. We really have to realize that business and education cannot do without each other if a place is interested in the optimum harvest of all the good things that education brings to an area. We encourage the businesses and the area Chamber of Commerce to succor our schools with any reasonable means necessary so that competent graduates will be produced and hired by the businesses .The hiring of qualified graduates translates to organizational growth. No fallacy to the fact that today’s business with its increasing technology begs for well- educated employees.

I do not remember a representative of the Chamber of Commerce addressing the Board of Education, since I have been a member of the City’s Board of Education but I know they are interested in the improvement of education in the city because there wouldn’t be a justified reason not to be; regardless, I ‘m sincerely utilizing this piece to ask for their full involvement.

The Ministers, pastors, priest, clergy, preachers, etc. are God’s anointed people that should take genuine prominent role in the education of our children.Ocassinaly, the Board has invited a pastor to do the invocation for us before the meeting or work session but I strongly believe that their role should extend further. I do not know if Selma ministers have a collective body like Montgomery; if they do not, I’m sincerely using this piece to invite their collective involvement. The Board is not obligated to heed to their request but, if done well & with pure motives, their opinion is unlikely to be ignored.

We need partnerships that are spiritually rooted and business savvy to grow in this challenging time. Above all, we also need a meaningful and insightful coalition beyond Minister’s Union and the Chamber of Commerce. Considering the effect of education, we need the help of any person or organization who is interested in the growth of this area. We want to translate the benefits of the collaboration into tangible and productive educational gains. For example, Selma Early College needs the community’s help in order to continue doing what it does best- produce high school graduates who have already received college credits. We do not want to see such a beneficial program come to an end; rather we, as a community, have to work hard and ensure that it is a permanent and honorable part of Selma’s educational system.

  • D-man

    pops… love your last comment… about leaving hte sharpest axe in the world out in the rain… it’s the truth if i ever heard it…

    why does the school board and the city council historically have major issues… when the dallas county commission seem to run smoothly..?

    because there are a couple of people involved in city politics that don’t participate in the county… always stirring stuff up because of their egos…

    • popdukes12

      The County school board and the county Commission are as seperate as the City School board and the City Council. During the 1990 school trouble that resegragated the schools, and required the National Guard to be called in to protect the students at the high school, the protestors wanted 3 things. The Rehire Dr. Norwood Roussell, stop student “tracking” and get an elected school Board. Roussell didn’t get rehired, tracking/leveling was discontinued, and 18 years later they got an elected school board. The protestors today, just want Jefferson returned as super. The protestors today don’t have a moral issue (like tracking) to support their position and it is an election year for the school board and the City Council. The City is going to stay away from this like the plague. It would be like picking a side on abortion, which is a 50/50 proposition. The citizens wanted the school board and the city seperated and now that they have it, they (protestors) want to drag the city back in because they aren’t getting what they want. You would have the same situation in the county if they made a decision that a vocal minority didn’t like. pops

      • D-man

        I understand and thanks for explaining,b ut again, why don’t you ever hear about the problems with the dallas county commission and the dallas county school board? are there ever big protests and people holding signs, demanding ot get their way? maybe it’s there and the stj never reports it, but i really don’t think it is there.. something is different with the city…and the city school board.. do you have any thoughts on what i am asking?

  • popdukes12

    Someone once said that “a problem well stated is half solved”.Is the problem that new industry won’t locate here because they won’t have an educated workforce, given the current educational system in Selma? Is it that the school board wants more people to blame for a system that can’t supply an educated workforce to industry? Current city statistics show that 4500 employees (50%) commute to Selma each day to work and then leave the city and go home. These employees probably weren’t educated in the Selma City school system. Then why would the Chamber wish to get involved in city school situations. I use the word situation because it has been one “situation” after another since the current elected school board took office. The chamber comes from one background that abhores discourse, while the school board is constantly embroiled in it. There is an old saying that ” I wouldn’t join a club that would have me for a member” If the school board would get it’s act together and make affiliation with the school board and school system something to be desired, you would have more community involvement. One more question. what happens to all the students that do graduate each year. I’ve never seen any publication on those figures at all, that is what really matters in the final analysis. If they were made available, it may help. After all, that is what really matters. You can manufacture the best and sharpest axe in the world, but if it is left in the rain to rust, it will become useless. pops

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