Government spending is out of control

Published 7:09pm Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 1 another very important piece of Alabama’s new immigration law came into effect. It is the E-Verify provision requiring companies that do business with any government agency to check the E-Verify federal system to determine if applicants are in the country legally before hiring. The same requirement comes into effect April 1 for all other companies hiring new personnel.

This requirement will eliminate the hiring of illegal immigrants without the full knowledge and ultimate responsibility of employers. Critics of the tough new immigration law are quick to point out securing borders and regulating immigration is a federal responsibility. Frankly, the federal government refuses to enforce immigration laws. Therefore, the states are left to sink or swim in a sea of red ink from illegal immigrants soaking up resources badly needed by its own citizens.

Of course, the argument then turns to who will do the work? If we do not allow illegals to pour into the state, there will be no one to harvest the fruit and vegetables, perform busboy chores, or wash cars, etc.. Have you thought about why all of a sudden the unemployment rate has improved in Alabama? Did it cross your mind that perhaps a portion of the decrease in unemployment could be the results of the tough new immigration law passed by the Republican legislature? It has always been my contention that if jobs were available, there would be willing citizens desiring gainful employment.

Granted, a portion of the increase is due to the season and the inevitable uptick during this time of year. However, we have been programmed to believe unskilled jobs are beneath the dignity of American workers. They claim only illegals from across the border are willing to accept certain kinds of employment. I do agree with a portion of that argument presuming government checks are available to able-bodied citizens without a requirement for work. Under those circumstances, no one will be available for those jobs except illegals.

There certainly isn’t anything wrong with government promoting the general welfare of the populace, but there is something wrong with institutionalizing dependency on that helping hand, as is the case with many state and federal government programs in place.

Things are likely to get much worse before they get better if the federal government continues to spend beyond its means.

There are tough decisions ahead and cuts will have to be made. Seems to me curbing illegal immigration and preserving jobs for legal citizens is a no-brainer.


  • popdukes12

    The title of the article and the content of the article don’t match. Just saying. pops

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