After spending 30 years in the Dallas County School System, Gloria Ketton now makes a difference in people’s lives as a volunteer at Vaughan Regional Medical Center. Ketton performs a variety of duties at the hospital, saying she takes care of “whatever needs to be done.” -- Desiree Taylor

Ketton goes from educator to volunteer

Published 4:26pm Monday, January 2, 2012

Gloria Ketton has spent nearly 30 years in the Dallas County School System, counseling children at Southside Primary, Bruce K. Craig Elementary, Tipton-Durant Middle School and Southside High. But, due to a vision-impairment, Ketton had to leave her passion, retiring earlier than planned.

Soon, however, things began to change for Ketton, placing her in an even more rewarding position.

“I went line dancing with other (hospital) auxiliary and they invited me to come and join the group,” Ketton said, who became a Vaughan Regional Medical Center volunteer in 2001. “I was very willing and ready to do.”

Ketton said she wanted to do something different.

“Coming here in the medical atmosphere was different than my career,” Ketton said.

“I didn’t want to retire as an educator and then volunteer as one.”

As a volunteer every Friday, Ketton’s regular duties include escorting patients to rooms and answering the phone at the front desk.

“I’m a gopher,” Ketton said smiling. “Whatever is needed to be done.”

Spending time with the elderly is also an activity Ketton enjoys. Ketton visits her elderly friend, someone she met at church, often.

“I visit her once a week and call her once or twice every day,” Ketton said. “She lives alone (and) she doesn’t have family in Selma.

“My day is not complete until I’ve heard her voice. She looks forward to me calling her often; if I don’t call her, she thinks something is wrong.”

Married 44 years to her husband Henry, the couple has three daughters, Alesia, a resident of Selma, Leslie, who lives in Montgomery and Matrecia, a resident of Georgia. Ketton also has four grandchildren, with one more, Mason, on the way.

“They are Paullesia, Gary Jr and Gabriel, who are twins, and Lindsey,” Ketton said.

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