Parents are invaluable to process

Published 9:28pm Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Though one may not agree with everything that goes on in any given school system, most people would like to see the consequential involvement of parents in the education of their children.

Since August, I have noticed an increased participation from the parents of Selma. During the meeting of Dec. 8, a representative of a group called PACO (Parents Against Corrupt Officials) addressed the Selma City School Board.

In my opinion, parents are to a school system what a customer is to a business. You do not have to agree totally with a customer in order to accord him or her an adequate respect. It is a basic business attitude that is at par with our relationship with parents. The consequence of not treating your customer right is regrettable. Without parents giving birth to the students there would not have been a faculty, a superintendent or a school board.

Our teachers, administrators, board members and parents must commit to taking a collaborative approach in ensuring our children are properly trained to become competitive at home and abroad. I applaud this board for having an open door policy for addressing the board. If you or your group wish to address the board, all you have to do is submit your request seven days prior to the meeting. If you do not follow the proper procedure, the president may not recognize you at the meeting. It is advisable to get on the agenda, particularly, if your concern or suggestion is for the good of the system.

If a child is having a classroom problem, it may be wise to talk to the teacher first. If you believe that the teacher is not accessible or does not respect you as a parent, I suggest that you contact the principal. If the principal is not communicating effectively with you, ask to speak with the superintendent. If the meeting with the superintendent is unsatisfactory to you, tell the superintendent that you intend to address the board; just make sure that it is seven days in advance. It is unlikely the board will ignore you if you can show that you or your child is treated maliciously.

Remember the board attorney will be present at the meeting and will ensure we do not waste local funds on settling avoidable lawsuits.

  • mo-of-thesame

    It seems to me that PACO should be an acronym for “Political Action Committee Organization”. It is also blatantly obvious that Dr. Udo takes his orders directly from them. Of Course, there is little question where Mr. Hicks orders come from.

    If these parents were so concerned about corruption why is it they are protesting the termination of an employee who did not follow the rules and spent the taxpayer’s funds without the permission of the board? How can they be supporting a person who is suing the board of education when it was his own misdeeds that caused his termination? It certainly is not about the children as the signs they carry suggest.

    It is baffling to this writer that so much public outcry has come from this small but vocal group. Intelligent citizens of Selma all know that Perkins is their fearless leader and must have been profiting from the school board prior to losing his control. Why else would such a protest ensue?

    In closing one cant help but find it humorous that they name call the “3 person” school board. My question is if one other person had voted their political convictions would they still use this term negatively? I think not. There is certainly more to this story than the school board of “2” is telling. And the truth is always told eventually.

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