Vaughan Regional Medical Center volunteer Jo Hise said helping children makes her smile. -- Desiree Taylor

Hise enjoys helping children

Published 9:38pm Monday, December 12, 2011

Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky said “the soul is healed by being with children” and for Vaughan Regional Medical Center volunteer Jo Hise, her time spent helping children brings healing to others.

Hise, who volunteers Mondays in the echo and radiology departments, spent her first years at the hospital inside the nursery.

“My heart is in the nursery — I love children,” Hise said. “I felt like, ‘why not work with these babies minutes after they were born — able to dress them, feed them, change their diapers, pray for them?’ Working there, I felt God replaced an emptiness inside.”

Around Thanksgiving, Hise said a mother, whose child had been in the nursery two years ago as an infant, approached her.

“I was at a shop buying something and two women were looking at me,” Hise said. Someone said, ‘you can have my little boy back … he was in the ICU and when he returned, he had your lip prints on his forehead. You always coddled him.’ I was so surprised that she would remember me — remember the act of love.”

Hise said “giving of herself” to others makes working at Vaughan worthwhile.

“Being able to bring joy and show them that someone cares and they’re loved — being allowed to pray for them,” Hise said. “Maybe it’s holding someone’s hand, giving a smile, being there to help them at that time; I’m overjoyed with it.

“I have a hard time putting it into words,” Hise said. “You’re giving and extending a part of yourself away. I’ve been blessed beyond measure to volunteer there. I love it — it is the joy of my life.”

Also a volunteer with the Selma Animal Shelter and the annual “Holiday House,” Hise also taught second grade for 11 years at Pine Glenn Ministries, an organization funded through private donations under the auspices of Selma Christian Ministries.

“These children live in areas people wouldn’t want to go,” Hise said. “I get to teach them about Christ and the Bible and that (they’ll) always have someone with them. It’s truly out of love and a chance to give back what’s been given to me … I’m here to glorify my father.”

When not volunteering, Hise enjoys working in her garden, reading — especially the Bible and writing. She enjoys encouraging others through Christ’s love.

“The crises we go through produces the miracle, the hard places we go through lead to high places (and) the little victories lead to big victories,” Hise said.

“Each day is a gift — not a guarantee. I can either keep it, or give it away — I choose to give it away.”

Hise has one son Charles David and three grandchildren — Charles Brandon, Meagen Elizabeth and Hannah Lauren.

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