Democrats use military as pawns

Published 10:08pm Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I am unsure as to where, as a nation, we are headed if not for utter destruction. Obama may have been prophetic in saying: “We are no longer a Christian nation.“ If we are, we certainly do not act like it. The change promised during the last presidential cycle has taken us farther and farther from the guiding principles America was founded on and the core beliefs that set us apart from the rest of the world. We were at one time a great God-fearing nation, I am not sure we still maintain that status. We have allowed political correctness and fear of being castigated for opposing deviant behavior to rule the day.

The Obama administration has worked tirelessly to erode the very backbone of modern civilization, the family unit. In doing so, they have used our military to initiate their plans for society. The changes sought by this administration are tacked onto defense spending bills to assure passage. Our military has become guinea pigs for social indoctrination and experimentation.

Just when you think things cannot get any worse, suddenly it does. Recently, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The bill introduced by Dianne Feinstein (D-Cal), former mayor of San Francisco, is misleadingly called “The Respect for Marriage Act of 2011.” Rumors are the Democrats are planning to attach it to the Defense Authorization bill as they have other similar measures.

They are willing to risk our brave men and women in uniform not having the goods and services they need in order to protect the country for passage of a bill to promote and appease the gay and lesbian lifestyle community.

According to the Williams Institute, a think tank devoted to LGBT research at UCLA, only 4 percent of the population identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

This figure seems high and is according to other creditable research. At any rate, how deviant and un-American is that, to hold funding for the protectors of our country hostage to the LGBT agenda of the Democrats?

I suppose the Democrats believe they need to get all the social engineering legislation in place before the next election. It has been a succession of wrong-headed bills forcing the LGBT agenda down the throats of the other 96 percent of the population using our military as captive pawns to achieve their devious goals.

God help us.


  • D-man

    hmmm.. if you think that’s bad, what about the senate bi-partison vote to suspend habeas corpus in our country.

    historically it was temporarily suspended by abraham lincoln in 1861 during the civil war, and again in 2006 shortly after the 9/11 attacks. in 2006 it only applied to prisoners or war, not american citizens.

    if this bill passes and is not vetoed by the president (and he’s already talked about habeas corpus and his believe it should be suspended), then for the first time in history, american citizens can and will be detained indefinately without being allowed due process, and not for committing a crime either, only for being “accused of potentially being able to commit a crime in the future”…

    folks… i might only be 40 years old, but it seems to me that if this law passes, we truly are on a very slippery slope… this law doesn’t seem like it would come from a democracy or a republic…

    silly thing is, most don’t realise the problem with this… In a city that is the civil rights capital of the world, you would think that there would be a major uprising to allowing a “suspect” to be arrested with absolutely NO PROOF of any law being broken, but arrested on just someone saying “you have the potential to break the law”…

    that’s like passing a law that states if your black and walking the streets at 2 am in the morning, then you must be about to break in and steal or rape someone, so we’re going to arrest you indefinately and not let you be tried in a court of law, or even go before a judge to plead your innocence…

    slippery slope….

  • popdukes12

    Saul Alinsky..”Rules for Radicals”..Page 24..Of Means and Ends. This section of the book pretty much covers actions like this and the need to advocate minority positions like this to disturb the moral “norm”. pops

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