Hundreds captured by cameras

Published 9:47pm Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Selma Police Department recently addressed some of the concerns from motorists concerning red light cameras within city limits.

The cameras, which are located at the intersections of J.L. Chestnut Boulevard and Franklin Street, Broad Street and L.L. Anderson, and Dallas Avenue and Hooper Drive, recorded more than 1,400 violations in October alone, Selma Police Department Sgt. Doug Stewart said. While some feel the cameras are a revenue producer for the city, Stewart said this is not the case.

“The odds are that if drivers are running the red lights by these numbers eventually someone will be seriously injured or worse,” Riley said. “Most citizens feel these cameras are in place to make the city of Selma money. However, they are actually in place to possibly prevent injuries and/or deaths from a driver running the red light by changing their driving habits.”

In talking to motorists, Stewart said several said they have changed their driving habits and now come  to a complete stop at traffic lights.

One of the most cited violations are drivers not coming to a complete stop
before a right turn at a red light, Stewart said.

Alabama law 32A-5A-32(a)(b) states when motorists come to a red light they must come to a complete stop behind the white stop line before making a right turn on red.

“The cameras that are in place only take pictures and video if the light is on red and you are beyond the white stop line,” Stewart said. “If you cross the stop line and come to a complete stop the camera will still take your picture because of crossing the stop line. It will be reviewed by members of American Traffic Solutions and after they see you did
come to a complete stop they will delete it out of their system. The images and video are not only reviewed by American Traffic Solutions but also by officers at the Selma Police Department who will confirm whether a violation has occurred or not.”

A notice of violation results in a $60 ticket and can be challenged at www.violationsinfo.coms. This site allows drivers to watch their video and view images themselves.

If alleged violators choose to appear in court, a $120 court cost could be added.

The red light violation taken with the camera will not affect your driving record and is not reported to insurance companies.

For questions about the cameras, call 874 2167.

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