Our children need your help

Published 9:28pm Monday, October 24, 2011

Considering the accomplishments of few mentoring programs that I know in this city, one is forced to advocate for increased number of such programs.

I know one that works under the leadership of a District Judge, I’m very familiar with one that functions under the leadership of a city council lady, I know one that an attorney in the city directs, and I know one that is operated under the leadership of a church; in all, their results have been astonishing.

Results include, but not limited to, reduction in juvenile crime, decrease in school dropout rates and empowerment through leadership training.

The Superintendent/ Selma City School Board have brought in several mentoring organizations to speak to our children relative to staying away from drug and gang activities, and etc.

We argued over this in the work session but in the end it was our conclusion that some of these motivational speakers are gifted to impact our children positively.

I know we have good counselors in our system but raising children in a community is everybody’s business.

Our focus should be based on improving people and the overall system. Days of condemnation and apportioning blames should be over; Selma’s children are looking for people who will love them and help them improve in life. Even if you are not employed in the school system, you can help as a consultant or a mentor.

Those employed by the system should be more involved.

Our students should make AYP in all grade spans in reading .Improvement plans should be realistically preventative and corrective.

After all, mentors are people looked up to for wise advice and direction. It is not hard to position yourself as a mentor to children beyond your immediate relatives.

You can never go wrong in adjusting your schedule so that younger ones will grow up to become good citizens.

The more our community is saturated with well-intended people, the more attractive it becomes to investors, businesses, and tourists.

Not all mentors need an organized program; all you need is to listen and give advice.

Any adult with good intention can do that.

The little time that you invest can enhance a youth’s self-esteem, it can reduce absenteeism in our schools, it can sharpen children’s academic skills, it can improve their spirituality, and it can teach a child that hard work is the way to success.

  • popdukes12

    So, what you are basically saying is that help is needed mentoring and nurturing childern outside of their “birth” invironment, so as to be a positive influence on their development. Maybe a parent mentoring program would be more in order. The old “head of the snake” concept. pops

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