Zumba is a land of love

Published 7:33pm Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The land of Zumba is rich in culture, religion, resources, and management. The Zumba people love music and utilize it extensively for cultural, spiritual, fitness, and other happy activities; Children start and end school day with songs like, “All we are praying is give peace a chance.” Zumba is a democratic society in which party affiliation is not consolidated along tribal or racial lines.

People’s needs take priority over party’s needs.

On the other hand, voters do not have to vote with their party all the time; they just vote for what’s right all the time.

Usually the citizens vote every four years to elect five district leaders, who are responsible for the recruitment and firing of the president of the Zumba Land. The five leaders are to work with the president, and the nation, as a team, in developing a vision. Noteworthy, is the fact that unnecessary mortification, embarrassment, insolence, humiliation, and micromanagement are forbidden as per constitution. Also, the five leaders act as one and an individual leader has no independent power. The district leaders also delegate all administrative functions of the land to the president. The president serves as the leader’s adviser, CEO, needs interpreter, and the professional development initiator.

The growth, safety, and happiness of the residents of the land are the uttermost priority of this team. The team dwells less on weaknesses but focuses on strength.  Love is so strong among this team that they became a model for the entire land. A land where no body will plan evil against you for being yourself; a place where people will easily forgive your mistakes, particularly, if you deeply apologize; a place where revenge has no chance; a place where love is taught as a subject in most of their schools.

The politicians actually work for the people and as such are very careful in their actions relative to job creation, wealth distribution, and the education and empowerment of their children.

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