Victories beyond touchdowns

Published 8:41pm Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It was hard for all of us to watch the Selma High Saints lose another close game; but overall, we did not lose. On Friday, I saw young men who have been trained to play positively until the last second. I’m still learning this interesting sport, and I have learned enough to realize that it took determination and hope to come close in scores after being down by double digit points. There are other challenges that will face these young men and I observed that the football arena is also helping to teach them how essential it is never to give up too easily.

Athletic director, Mr. Evans; head coach, Mr. Leroy Miles and other coaching staff are doing a tremendous job in ensuring that these boys win in the field and outside the field. We need success in the field and beyond. I was impressed the first time I met Mr. Miles because he talked to me in depth about my son’s academic performance; his strengths and the areas that need improvement. His wife is pertinent in the picture because she is the one that cooked for these young men, their coaches, and their fans.

Before this game, my son and I were talking about their games and he said, “We must win the next game for Coach Miles.” I was at the game and I knew that the boys wanted to win. I know that I’m not alone on this, but each time that I talk to Coach Miles about Ezekiel; he has always made me feel proud of my son. He talks about his players with passion, like they are actually his children. We must continue to show love to others and the fruits of love which are nothing but peace, growth, unity, and stability will be available for harvest.

I’m not a supporter of excessive discipline but I believe modest discipline is essential for them to succeed beyond touchdowns. When Coach Miles wouldn’t allow the majority of his starters to play because of misbehavior and they lose accordingly, that’s not really a defeat to us. When he takes them to church, that’s victory also.

  • popdukes12

    When Evans hired his old friend Miles (who hadn’t coached in years and without posting an opening statewide), I hope you didn’t expect a winning season. pops

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