Public input needed

Published 10:39pm Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dear editor,

At its next five meetings, the Selma City Council will receive public commments related to the proposed redistricting plans. Citizens who wish to comment about any or all of the plans are welcome to appear before the council at these meetings. The proposed plans are posted on large maps in the back of the City Council Chamber for the public to view.

If citizens have suggestions about the proposed plans or wish to present an alternate plan, the council will be pleased to receive your comments. The primary requirement for the redistricting plan is that each ward, with a plus or minus deviation of more than 5 percent, must have an equal number of residents. After the public comment period ends, the council will hold public hearings related to the plans.

Once the council adopts a plan, it must be submitted to the Justice Department for approval. Upon approval, the plan will be in effect for the August 2012 city election.

Ceccil Williamson

City Council president

  • popdukes12

    Each councilman’s voice will be speaking for 2625 (+or – 5%) constituents. If a voter believes he or she won’t have as much “pull” with their new councilperson, that may mean they had a disproportional input with the old councilperson. Transferring this person to a new ward will probably be a blessing to the people remaining in the ward. Listen to the people complaining the loudest at the hearing and this will be the person that was getting “the greater good” from their relationship with the old councilperson. If the people being reassigned to a different ward don’t like and respect the current councilperson from the new ward, my suggestion would be to …..”VOTE”. popdukes12

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