Obstacles can be overcome through love

Published 9:54pm Monday, October 3, 2011

Blessed are those who love without demarcation, for such will brilliantly harvest from the flourishing gardens of diversity; and blessed also are those who have mastered their relationship with others different from them, for they shall see peace and progress.

Happy is that community or organization that takes full advantage of every reasonable resource available to them.

Diversity is an asset rather than a burden. People are gifted differently and people come from dissimilar backgrounds.

Our differences should be sources of pride, and we should never let intimidation or discriminatory remarks stop us from bringing out the best in every role that we find ourselves

One thing that I have discovered in life is that when a place or a person yearns for growth or other help, they care less about the height, the size, the national origin, the political party affiliation, or the color of the person that comes to succor them.

I remember years back when my car broke down, twice, in the early morning hours while I was driving back, from work, to Montgomery. In each case the weather was extremely cold.

I knew that it was not safe to get into everybody’s car, but I prayed and just needed a ride back to Montgomery because my condition was unbearably intolerable. Amazingly, in each instance the person that stopped to help was different from me.

When God is ready to help a place or individual He sends people and in most cases the people may be different from you. Because the mission is special and delegated by the omniscient God, the partnership will be prolific, and if the places or people that expect this help will humble themselves by becoming open and adaptive to positive contribution, progress will manifest intensively.

Winning people do not care whether team members are originally from Germany, USA, Italy, and Congo; whether you are purple, yellow, shy, out going, flashy dresser, conservative dresser, and etc; they just want to win.

People or immigrants shouldn’t force their differences on their new team but I strongly believe that law abiding immigrants should be allowed to be proud of themselves, and also allowed to contribute positively to their new land.

Though my children and grand son are citizens of USA, still I find it difficult to understand why state law makers would demand that another person’s little child/grandchild should produce immigration records before getting education.

If this policy was for local school boards to initiate, I would have fought it vehemently.

  • popdukes12

    “Diversity is an asset rather than a burden” maybe you should taught this to Rose before she resegregated the Selma School system. pops

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